Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yard Sale Day Today ....

Today is going to be a Yard Sale day for me! I know that I'm starting late, but I'm in the mood for tag sales today. How many of you like going to yard sales? I go with the intention of looking for certain items. If I don't then I will end up coming home with a bunch of someone else's treasures. Today I'm going to be looking for a TV for the bedroom. I don't have hundreds to go out and buy one at the moment, so I'd be happy for a second hand one. Years ago I bought a TV at a yard sale for $20, and I got years out of it.

What kinds of items do you like to look for at tag sales? Have you ever picked up anything that was a good deal?? A friend of mine years ago picked up a Mc Donald's toy in the package, and guess what? She sold the item on ebay and made $1200. Pretty lucky gal !! Another friend of mine furnished her house with Yard Sale items. She went looking for antiques from estate sales, and she ended up with some gorgeous stuff. Today is in the 90's, and what a great day to be out side. I'm just glad it's not me having a yard sale, as they are tons of work. My last yard sale I had I only made about $125, for two days work, so I'll be skipping that this year. Maybe next year I'll be ready to clean out my house again, and part with some of my belongings.

I hope you all have a terrific day! Check out my giveaways while your here. I have one that ends tonight. I also have some terrific giveaways coming real soon, so check back if you can! I'm off for now!!



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