Monday, August 1, 2011

The Misery Is Almost Over...

With Season 7 of The Bachelorette coming to an end tonight, I can't be much happier than  am now. This season has not been the best by far, and Ashley Hebert just seems plain old boring and redundant to me. With all the drama about Bentley a.k.a douche bag, every time I heard that mans name mentioned on the show, or on a preview of the show, I bout wanted to scream, or puke !! Bentley sure scores right up there in the top three worse Bachelors along with Jake & Brad ! She was warned about  that idiot right from the get go from Michele Money, but instead of taking the advice to heart, she decided to be a darn fool and get to know him. Oh she got to know him alright, and boo hoo her heart got broken! That's what happens when you keep losers like Bentley around Ashley! I know it sounds a bit rough, but week after week hearing about him, and he still is getting attention, well, at least he did on the Men Tell All the other night, but the loser that he is declined to be on the show. Geese Louise, I wonder why??

So who do you think Ashley will pick to be her husband, or do you think she will pull  Brad Womack number and not pick anyone at all? My guess would be JP! I had him picked out the first night on the show. I thought he was a very kind gentlemen, who cared about others feelings, not to say that he's so darn handsome too. Another pick of mine from the get go was Ryan, who she sent home before the hometown dates. Everyone thought that Ryan was scheming, but I didn't feel that. I just think that this was his way of dealing with the situation.I never considered him a snake like some of the men in the house did. I loved JP throughout the show. Heck, I was saying that if Ashley didn't want him that I would gladly take him. A man of his character don't come around too often like that.

So who will Ashley pick? Will she pick the JP, the construction guy, the one she has had her eye on from the get go, or will she pick the business guy Ben? We shall know the answer to that in less than two hours. I hope she makes the right choice, the one that her heart is telling her to choose. When your in love, you can tell what is the right choice for you. From the  previews what have been sown on TV, it is looking like tonight will be full of drama. I just can't wait.

As I said before, I'm not to fond of the cast this season, as it has been boring and sometimes painful for me to watch, so with it coming to an end, and finding out whether Ashley finds love or not, I will sit her and patiently wait. All I know is that  I can't wait for my favorite show  Dancing With The Stars to come back on. I am having some serious withdrawals not watching it every Monday night. Please hurry back and get on TV, so I can smile, sing and dance every Monday night. Don't laugh at me now, that is exactly what I do when it's on. Alright, I better get watching the show, so I can see if I can figure out what is really going to happen. Are you watching it, and have you been following along the whole season? Tell me what you think of this season, and Ashley's final choice to be her husband? Thanks for stopping by, and as always, I have the best followers ever. I hope to see you around again soon.


Julie from Momspective said...

OOH I'm so glad I came upon this post! I only got to watch the first couple shows because I'm old school and don't have a dvr and I wondered what happened, thanks!

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