Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Damage From Hurricane Irene

As you can see you can above some of the damage from Hurricance Irene. I'm so glad and thankful that this has come and gone, and let me tell you I was in fear the whole time. I was prepared at my home, but just not knowing what would happened had my nerves in shambles. A few treed down here and there around me, but so many other people weren't that lucky. Here are some pics below fom Hurricaine Irene in the neighborhoods around me.
This one was at our local CVS Store in my town. It landed in the parking lot and didn't harm the store or a soul, just power lines. Over 80% on people in my town do not have any power from Hurricane Irene. The restaurants are jammed packed, and are making a killing in $$$. You need to eat somehow right. None of the traffic lights work, which makes it very dangerous to be driving especially at night. You need to watch out for power lines down everythere. The town public utilities people are out working day and night to get us back with power.
This house is right next door to my sisters friends house. They got clobbered by two trees, and plenty of damage to the house, rood, gutters, porch, etc. I couldn't believe what I was seeing here, and just thought to myself how very thankful that I am to be safe, and have a roof over my head. Many of people don't and some which lost their lives to Hurricane Irene. My heart goes out to their families. They have one heck of a mess to clean up here. I'm so thankful that the family escaped without injury.

Lastly I wanted to how you a picture of our local Hess Gas Statione below. Alot of the gas stations had to close due to no power, or ran out of gas, and of course guess who needed gas yesterday?? ME !!! After driving around for awhile I did finally find one without the waiting like out the parking lot. I had to pay a bit more for it, but I didn't care at that point.

I have never ever in my entire life seen a waiting line out of the parking lot like this. People were cutting infront of each other. It was pure crazy!! I did hear that he did run out of gas, so he had to close business. I'm so thankful that I'm safe,and all my family is too. For some of them with no running water, no electricity, phone, TV, Interenet, stove, microwave, etc, it is a bit tough. It reminds me of camping a bit. I pray that everyoen will get their power back soon, and start to rebuild what they have lost due to Irene. Just when you think nothing like this won't ever happen to you it does!! I hope I never see anything like this again ever.It sure pays to be prepared for a time like this. I will try to do whatever I can to help others out even if it's letting them use my shower, stove, phone, what ever it is, I will gladly help out. I know they would do it for me. Thanks for stopping by!! Have yourself a blessed day and be safe!! Let me know how things are where you live, and how you managed to get through Hurricaine Irene?


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