Monday, August 15, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Anna Trebunskaya & Louis Van Amstel..OMG

I recently had the chance to see Anna Trebunskaya & Louis Van Amstel from Dancing With The Stars, and what a fun time I had. I could not believe they were standing right in front of me dancing. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of Dancing With The Stars. I have been wanting to get to see the show live for years now, but am happy enough to watch them dance on Monday nights on TV. I'm having a bit of withdrawal right now since the show isn't on, but it will be back before I now it. Below is a video of Anna & Louis dancing. They were moving so fast my eyes were spinning. When they came out to sign autographs Louis had his camera catching everyone in the crowd. What a people person he was.
I have always been a huge fan of Louis & Anna, so seeing them in front of me was exciting.There were so many people there watching. Everyone was trying to get up front to get good pics. I wasn't that close to the stage, so my pics didn't come out as clear as I'd like them to. What I thought was neat was the guy that set this show up, he came out between costume changes and gave out tickets for dinner, and one person was lucky enough to win a dance instruction with Louis . I was praying they would pick me, but I wasn't lucky enough. Have you ever seen Louis dance? That man is precise, and a perfection, He shakes that booty like no tomorrow. The abs on him are so sexy too. I bet having a body like Louis & Anna isn't so easy to have. I'm sure they work very hard to have it. I would give an arm or leg to  look that perfect.
Lastly I will show you the lovely old me. I snuck right up in the front of line, as I didn't want to stand and wait hours to see them. I surely didn't take the best picture, as I look like I swallowed watermelon . I did not like this pose at all. I was so star struck when I got up there, that I kind of froze up a bit. I asked Anna how she felt about being a runner up with Evan L., and how they come back with such a positive attitude to do it all over again?? I also told her that her day would come very soon. She is due to win. I didn't have much time to chat, as they were rushing us along. The signed autographs for two hours. She asked me for my name, and signed my picture. Anna is more beautiful in person. She just radiates through the crowd. I then moved over to Louis, and let me tell you he was so welcoming, and chatty with me. I told him that I have a feeling that the upcoming season he would grab that mirror ball! He said "do you think", and I said most definitely! I also asked him if he wanted me to show him around the casino, as I knew my surroundings well. He unfortunately had to turn me down, as he and Anna had to meet their plane at 4 .m.. I gave them both a big hug, and thanked them for coming. I couldn't believe that I had just talked to Louis & Anna. I was on cloud nine that night, and of course I couldn't wait to get home to brag about my visit!

Thanks to Louis & Anna for coming to visit. Your dancing was unbelievably amazing. All I could say was perfection as I watched you dance. The way he dancing around with Anna was simply breathtaking. I cherish my visit with you, and I hope I will get the chance to see you dance someday on DWTS. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Until next time,


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