Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years 2013

It's here folks!!  Out with the old & in with the new. I'm happy to say goodbye to 2012, and welcome in 2013. The past year has been a tough year for many of us across the world. Let's not forget the unthinkable tragedy that recently happen in Newtown, CT, at Sandy Hook Elementary School. My heart is broken, and I still feel like it has been a terrible dream, but sadly it isn't. I should not complain one bit, considering what these poor families, teachers & students have gone through. My heart is with them all. We will do what we have to as a nation to stop violence! The laws need to become stricter with guns, &  schools need metal detectors. I don't think that placing an armed security guard, and or police officer at each school would stop all the violence. I think it will help out, and make families feel a bit safer sending their kids to school, but no matter which way you cut it, people will still be able to get their hands on weapons. I pray to god that the President , and the Senate will come together and make this crazy world we live in a much safer and better place. We as parents need to feel that it's o.k. to send our kids to school where it should be safe!!What are your thoughts on this?? I hope this year is a great one for you! Here's to peace, good health & happiness this year. May god watch over you and your family! With love from my family to yours!!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Year Has Come To An End !!

I can't believe that another is almost to an end. It just seems as if 2012 flew by to me. What are you plans for New Years Eve? I usually stay at home where I'm the safest. If you do go out and drink & drive, designate a sober driver. I absolutely hate this time of year when everyone goes out and parties, and forgets about being responsible. The police are out everywhere this year, and are determined to keep the roads safe, so please be careful wherever you go.

I'm hoping that 2013 will be a brighter year for me, and everyone else. Too many tragedies in 2012. Every time you flip the T.V. on that is all you hear about accidents, deaths, fires, etc. We need to be responsible as adults. and make this world we live in a safer place. Guns need to be locked up at all times, and not out where children are in reach. Kids are very curious, so don't put anything past them. My heart goes out to all of the families & friends of the Newtown Elementary School Shooting. This has really left a hole in my heart for all of them. We need to all come together as a nation, and do what is right for our kids, to keep them safe. If this means tougher laws, background checks, then this is what we need to do. Let's all stop violence!!! Enjoy your New Years Eve , and please be safe. Have fun and be responsible!!

Happy New Years ,

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone !!

I can't believe that it's already here. Where on earth has this year gone? I am very ready to say good bye to this year with all of the bead things happening lately. Are you still awake wrapping presents like me, or off to bed, and up and at it early? I hope that your Christmas is a very special & blessed day. I hope Santa has been good to you as well. Are you staying home, or going to be with family this Christmas? I'm going to be with family. My mom has Alzheimer's, so I'm hoping that it wont be too overwhelming for her as it was last year. I'm so thankful to have each and every day with her that god lets me. She is m best friend & I love her dearly. I hate Alzheimer's Disease with a passion. It's a terribly painful thing to watch.

My hear is heavy as I sit here and write this post tonight. All I can think of is 26 angels up in heaven flying high, and looking down on us. It breaks my heart to think of their families, and how they will manage getting through their first Christmas without them. I can't say I know how because I don't! One thing I do know is that those 20 kids & their teachers left memorable impressions on each and every one of us, and they will never be forgotten ever. God must have needed some angels with big shoulders, and he sure got the best of them. May all of these innocent victims RIP & know that your thought of not only today, tomorrow, and each day after. Thanks for the happiness that you brought to your families & friends! RIP Angels!!

Merry Christmas All,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Remembering The Vicitims Of Sandy Hook School

A bit over a week ago so many life's were changed since the terrible tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newton, CT. It has been terribly painful for me to even talk about it, nor watch it on the news. All of those poor children that lost their life's, and the Teachers & Administrator's trying to protect them, who lost their life also. What has this world come to, and how can we come together as a nation , and stop all of this violence? As the President stated during a new conference "This needs to stop!" I can't even imagine how the families of these victims are coping with such a senseless act of violence. I can't even imagine celebrating Christmas in a few days, knowing that 26 families will be grieving knowing there love ones are not with them.
People have come together from all over the world to show their support for the 26 victims. As painful as it must be to be there, and feel the pain that the community is feeling now, it humbles me to see all of the support that is being shown. I wish I could be there with them, but unfortunately I'm unable to, but each and every one of them are in my mind. The funds set up at Banks, the kindful acts that are being shown from everyone is just amazing to me. The families are asking for privacy at this time, so they can grieve , and that is exactly what they are being given. All of the local news channels are giving them time. Some of the parents have come forward to talk about their loved ones. Emily Parker's father spoke on T.V. the night that this happened. How on earth could one keep it together to speak of a child that was killed? He wanted to show the world how precious of an angel that his daughter was. He was teaching her Portuguese, and she was just the light of his life. They had just moved not too long ago for work. The community was a good one, safe, and the schools were spoken very highly off. Grace MacDonald's parents spoke of her so eloquently also.She was a kind hearted girl, and didn't have one ounce of hate in her body. When I see these faces on T.V., it brings tears to my eyes instantly. These kids and teachers were innocent. Their life's should not have been cut short due to a cowardly maniac.

What can we do to stop all of this violence? Every time you turn the news on, this is all we hear of. Is getting armed security in schools all over the country the answer, or is banning guns in America the answer? I think that as individuals we have to take responsibility for our actions, and our children. I have noticed that some people tend to overlook things. Adam Lanza clearly had issues. I don't know what they were, and I don't know if we ever will, but to do what he did is just sad and pathetic. My heart aches for his family, as they have lost a mother & brother. I think there needs to be a ban put on guns, and it needs the way to get a license for a gun needs to become stricter. I don't own a gun, and I probably never will, but I have been told that you can walk into Walmart and purchase one without a background check. The NRA is saying that guns don't kill people, that people kill people! Well, then what exactly happened in Newtown last week?? A not stable individual walked into the school like a monster, and started shooting at poor innocent kids. The guns belonged to his mother, which I still ask myself each day why would she carry all of them guns with an unstable child with behavioral issues in the house? I guess we will never know. It seems to me that guns are very easy to come by for anyone that wants to get one. I do think that schools need metal detectors, because kids carry knifes & guns to school. It's not just adults. We really need to come together as one, and figure all this out. We should march to Congress and demand that our children's schools become safer. It's a sad day when 26 innocent people lose their lives to violence.
Vicky Soto is a hero. She did everything possible to protect her kids, whom she really called her kids. Her family says how very much she loved being a teacher. She was in school working on her Masters Degree, which she almost done. Vicky looks like a beautiful individual inside and out. Just from looking at her, and hearing the parents say how very they loved her teacher. I bet that she is looking down on her kids that survived and all of the other children of Sandy Hook School smiling. As tragic of an incident it was, she would want her kids to be happy, which they were when they were in her class. What a loss to the school with the amazing Teachers & Principal being gone. I know that they will rebuild, and Sandy Hook will become even stronger than ever.

I can't understand how this crazy act of violence took place, and I probably will never understand. All I know is that I will be praying for all of the families and friends of the victims. Your heroism should never be forgotten! I pray and hope that something good will come of this. I will do everything in my power to voice my opinion about violence & weapons. I will speak, and I will bark if I have to. This needs to stop! What happened to the day when we used our words? They are long gone. Parents need to teach their kids respect. This seems to be lost also. Maybe if we change little things at a time, this will help in the long run. Kids shouldn't be taught violence if something is making them mad. I will pray and keep all of the families in my heart. As I'm about to celebrate Christmas in a few days, My heart will be heavy thinking of you & your family. Try to think of all of the great times you had with your loved ones, and as much as it hurts and pains you, try to hold back the tears. Your angel is smiling down on you from up above, and I mean ANGEL!! Your children our precious little angels, that god has called home. He needed some special individuals, and this is what he got. God Bless you all, and my sincerest sympathy is with you at this very tragic time.

In my thoughts,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Are You Ready For The Big Fat Guy To Come???

Can you believe that Christmas will be here in less than two weeks? I can't , and don't want to believe it. Life has been so busy these last few months with everyday life, and caring for family members, it seems as if this year just passed us by. I remember somewhat of it, but the rest seems like a blur.  Christmas is that perfect time of year when the family all gets together to celebrate the special day. It's a time for cheer & joy and all the happiness that comes with it. Are your kids excited,and what do they want for Christmas?? Mine is older now, and all they want is gift cards & money. That's pretty easy for me, however, I do miss buying all of those toys for the kids, and the joy watching them open the presents.

Have you just about finished up with your shopping, or are waiting for the last minute like millions of others do each year? Heck,I like being stuck in traffic, and waiting in lines at stores with rude and obnoxious people. That always gets me in the mood for giving! I still have quite the bit of shopping to do, and I will get to it as quick as I can. It just don't seem to be a big priority this year, and I don't know why. Here's wishing each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas & a very bright, happy and healthy New Year!! I hope Santa is good to each of you. Thanks for stopping by!!

P.S. If your going out partying for the holidays, be responsible and don't drink and drive!! I happen to love my family and want them around for a long time, so please be responsible, and call a cab!! It's alot cheaper to call a cab, than dish out $5,000 for an attorney for a DUI..

Happy Holidays Folks,

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tony and Melissa Win DWTS All Stars Season 15

Can you believe that another season of DWTS has come and gone already?? This season has sure flown by fast with injuries, some of the top contenders exiting the show way too early like Joey Fatone, Helio Castronoves and Sabrina Bryan just to name a few.  I apologize about not keeping up with my weekly run downs about the show. Between not having power for several days, taking care of loved ones, and just everyday life, things have kept me busy and tired !! Let's not forget Christmas that is sneaking right up on us too.

So what did you think of the finals this season with Sabrina, Kelly and Melissa? I predicted this would be the finals way back on night one. I thought maybe Karina would possibly slide into one of the top three, but Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovisky sure had the fans behind them which got them there. This was Val's second season on DWTS, and he is just pure joy to watch He is a perfectionist just like his brother Maksim. The chemistry this season between them was crazy. Everyone in the world knew they were hooking up, even though they wold not admit it to the public.I liked every single of of their dances, with the Contemporary andArgentine Tango being my favorite. They were hot hot hot on the dance floor. I do think that the judges were a bit tough on them though. You sure can tell when they have their favorites, and that they did.

.For not ever dancing to this style of dance, they sure came out and killed it. I felt bad for Kelly, having to expose pretty much her whole body on national television, but she killed that dance!The photo to the right of Derek and Shawn was one of my favorites of theirs, besides their Freestyle, an every one of their dances. Derek Hough is the best of the best with choreography! He has proven this time an time again. My heart broke for him when he got hurt this season, but Shawn's old partner Mark Ballas stepped in, and they ended up scoring a perfect 30! They were beyond happy. I'll tell you, I was a bit scared in the finale between Melissa, and Shawn I knew that she had already won, and wanted this bad.
Finally, the moment that I have waited 14 seasons for . I have been a huge Tony Dovolani fan since season 1, and he has got close to winning , but never won. Then he had seasons where he was paired up with people that couldn't move their feet, or if they did, they were in the wrong direction. Tony had been paired up with Melissa on Season 8, right when she had come off The Bachelor. She only had two days to practice back then, and she was not confident with herself at all. This season she came prepared, very confident, and she gave it her all. Watching that girl dance each week was crazy. Her moves, her lines, extensions were flawless. She had become a very confident person. I knew long ago that this year would be Tony's to win, and I believed in him right from the get go. They were in the bottom two once, and I wasn't that scared, as I knew this season was his. I called people, Talked on twitter and FB, begging my friends to vote for Tony, and Melissa. I did everything possible to get them votes. When they were announced the champs of the All Stars, I think I teared up. I was so happy for the both of them. Watching the joy on Tony's face was a moment I will never forget. Melissa thought she would never make it past week 4 with all the tough competition. How does it feel being a champ Melissa? You did it! You worked hard, gave it your all, and you succeeded girl, so bravo to you! Keep going strong! Your a beautiful and delightful gal, with a bright future. Eat your heart out Mesnick!!! See how much further you get in life when your a nice person!!

Congratulations to Melissa Rycroft Strickland and Tony Dovolani for becoming the All Stars Champs! Enjoy your victory, and hold that trophy close to your heart. You worked hard, and you achieved victory! I was thrilled that this happened on Tony's 13th Anniversary. His beautiful wife must have been over the moon with joy. I hope Tony and his family are having fun in Disney World!! Now I have to figure out what to watch until March 18th, 2013. I hear that there will be an All Star Celebrity Apprentice coming soon, so I probably will be watching that. Donald Trump is a genius coming up with ideas that belong to others. That man drives me nuts!! He never stops!! Thanks to all of you who stopped by to visit. I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season, and a healthy, wealthy and awesome New Year!! God Bless you and yours!

Happy Holidays,

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