Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket Review

When I was contacted awhile back by  Gourmet Gift Baskets  about reviewing one of their Christmas Gift Baskets  I could not resist! I have worked with the fine folks at Gourmet Gift Baskets and they are wonderful people and stand behind their products! They have baskets for every occasion on the calendar. One of my favorites is the Jingle All The Way Holiday Gift Basket pictured in the photo above. If you have a sweet tooth like myself, then this basket is for you. It comes with candy, cookies, peppermint bark, toffee and much more. This basket is not only gorgeous looking, it's filled with awesome products, and this will make a nice little decoration on your table!
Gourmet Gift Baskets has something for everyone. Whether your a chocolate lover, peanut lover, cookie lover , candy lover or just a plain old fruit lover. There is something for everyone. Trust me on this!! If your going to a party or thinking of the perfect gift for your colleague, I always recommend a good old fruit basket. It's much healthier for you than candy. One of my favorite picks with Gourmet Gift Basket is the Orchard's Abundance Fruit Gift Basket. I remember working in the medical field for many years, and we always received gift baskets around the holidays, and we were thrilled with them. Inside this awesome basket is a jar of caramel sauce so you can dip the fruit in it. If you haven't ever tried dipping your fruit in caramel, you don't know what your missing.
The Holiday Sweets & Treats Snowflake Tin Christmas Basket is an eye catcher for sure and would look good sitting on any ones table. This one has mints, cookies, peanuts, honey mustard dip for dipping, and some dark chocolate too. The beautiful baskets by Gourmet Gift Baskets. If you have that someone in your family that your not to sure about buying for, then stop by and check the line of baskets they carry. They carry hundreds of baskets for every occasion, and they come delivered to the door perfectly wrapped in a basket!! Th people at Gourmet Gift Baskets are so easy to work with too!! They are awesome to me!!
This is another favorite of mine for sure, since I'm a huge Red Sox fan!! The "Boston Red Sox Gift Basket Classic"  , and on my Christmas list for sure. I have many sports fans in my family and they all like it when they get anything related to their favorite sports team. I love the Lanyard and the Sports Tumbler. If you happen to not be a Red Sox Fan, and are a Yankee fan, Gourmet Gift Baskets has a New York Yankee Gift Basket Classic. Once you have decided which Basket you would like, you just select your zip code & where you want it delivered, and n the next page you will be able to choose how fast you want it there, and how much shipping will cost. Gourmet Gift Baskets start at $29.99 and go up to $250.00+ for the much larger ones. The baskets are priced perfectly for what you are getting.
The Corporate Show Stopper Christmas Basket would be a huge hit for sure!! Imagine being at your desk and having this gorgeous basket delivered to you. I think I would be in heaven, and of course I would share with all of my co workers. Everything is stacked perfectly in the basket. I'm not sure how they do it, but the items do not fall out of place at all. Would you like to have one of these baskets delivered to you? I know that I would, but this year instead of me reviewing a basket, and offering my readers a chance to win, Gourmet Gift Basket is sending baskets over seas to the troops. I can't be any prouder of them for doing so. I could have reviewed one for myself, and sent the other one to the troops, but I decided that I a bit more fortunate right now, and since Christmas is creeping up on us, I decided to send both of my baskets to the troops. Atleast it's a little something to give them a smile on their face Christmas morning. I know other companies that do the same, so kudos to all of you that give to others especially around the holidays! I hope you understand why I chose to do this, and don't worry as I'm sure I will be contacted again from Gourmet Gift Baskets.

I can't express enough thanks to the wonderful folks at Gourmet Gift Baskets for being so kind, and giving us blogger a chance to pay it forward to others who can't be home at the time. I watch on TV each year when the troops open their care packages tat were sent to them, and the smile on their face is priceless! They do know that we are supporting them and all they do, and thanks to the great people at Gourmet Gift Baskets, for giving us blogger's a chance to participate!! I hope I made someone smile with this act of kindness!!
If anyone is looking for the perfect gift for me , the Gourmet Cheesecake Sampler is a must have in my house.Imagine this just sitting on the table with some cherries to throw on top? It looks like it is flavored already, but what the heck, a few cherries & a touch of whip cream, would spice it right up. I'm dying to try this cheesecake, so if anyone knows me, just remember Christmas is coming up! Thanks again to Gourmet Gift Baskets for participating in this wonderful program helping the troops out! I know I had a smile on my face when I heard that you would be donating to the troops. Kudos to you folks for being so thoughtful!! If any blogger would like to write to Gourmet Gift Baskets inquiring about reviewing, and or donating them as I did , feel free to contact them, and they will get back to you. I'm not sure how many have been reviewed so far, so be patient, and they will return your message.

I was not compensated for this review, nor was I given  product to review.I donated my Gourmet Gift Basket to the troops who are currently serving in IRAQ, Afghanistan. and other places.These are my opinions above, and yours and mine might vary!! Please refer to my disclosure policy on the bottom right hand side of my blog. Thanks to everyone who stops by and checks out my review. You should check out the  Christmas Baskets that Gourmet Gift Baskets carries. I'm sure you will be loving every I wish you all a very blessed, full of love, and a safe season!! Happy Holidays!!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

The Winner Of DWTS Season 13

Finally after countless weeks of training some 8+ hours a day, and plenty of heated moments, and some sad ones too, we finally have a new champ of Dancing With The Stars Season 13. For those of you who have been following along, or those of you who haven't, the new winner is J.R. Martinez & Karina Schmirnoff, and this couple couldn't be any more deserving to win. The final three couples were all great, but in the end there could only be 1 winner.
This was a very exciting moment for me on the show. To see J.R & Karina all jacked up in the air with their Mirror Ball trophies, and confetti falling all around them was just priceless! There were tears flowing everywhere when Tom Bergeron announced their name. They both had tears that they were fighting back to talk with Tom. This was a moment that Karina who had been so close several times had been waiting to happen for many years, and finally she got her win with one amazing, outstanding, stellar man! Any mother would be proud to call J.R.their son!! He was kick but fabulous right from he get go.
This is the dance right here that put them over the top with a perfect score of 30, making it their fourth one of the season. This freestyle choreographed by Karina was A+++ phenomenal. The lifts and jumps that were in this routine were fabulous. AT first I asked if all this would be safe considering that Karina had her neck fused last year after an injury, and with J.R.'s ankle, I wondered if everything would turn out right from them, and with 10-10-10 from the judges paddles, they was perfect!!

This flip was crazy dangerous, but went off perfectly. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and it happened so fast. All I know is there was jumps, flips, more flips, and a little booty shaking. Did you see where they went out into the middle of the dance floor and danced perfectly on beat, same moves, it was simply amazing. I know Karina was the pro here, but I have to give mad props to J.R. for keeping right up with Karina. Believe me when I say it was hard to tell between the pro and the celebrity. This is how J.R. danced the whole season. His first dance of the night was not his best as he missed a few steps,but he redeemed himself.

As I said before all of the couples danced great, with Rob Kardashian being the most improved dancer. He started as a young man and developed into a perfect gentleman. I hope he continues on with his dancing. Derek & Ricky came out and did a great Freestyle also, but she lost a few steps at the , and this cost them.Ricky Lake knew she was a winner either way. What she accomplished this season was enough , with her boyfriend sitting their each week to cheer her on, I just was so thrilled for her. When Rob & Cheryl made it to the final two in the competition, which I knew would happen, I was like no way, if that Kardashian wins I will flip. I'm just so damn sick of all the whole family. I had to sit here week after week and see the whole darn crew, and enough is enough. I will say that it was any ones game. Rob & Cheryl did their best, and Rob brought his game when needed,but in the end it was J.R. & Karina that would be the winners,and I can't tell you how happy I am for them both. They are both thrilled to have won. Karina put a picture of her and her Mirror Ball Trophy in bed on the computer for all t see. I just laughed. After all that hard work, I would sleep with it too. I can only imagine what J.R. has done with his Mirror Ball?

Now I'm slipping into my blues stage as there is no more DWTS until mid March. What on earth will I watch from now until then? I have an idea , why don't they take all the runners up and put them in a competition until the new series  premieres, or does that sound weird??? I also think they should take the judges next season and pair them up with some celebrities. Carrie Ann would be great with Max, Bruno would be great with Kate Gosselin, and good old Len would be perfect with Cloris Leachman!! These are just my opinions though. Let me know how you will be enjoying your time until the new season starts? Maybe I'll put my extra time into blogging and have some fabulous giveaways for my readers!! Congratulations again to the winners on DWTS Season 13 Karina Schmirnoff & J.R. Martinez. Thanks for stopping by each week to read my update on DWTS. I'll be back to doing it when the new season starts up. Who would you like to see on DWTS Season 14? I would love to see Sheri Shepard of The View, and Les Gold, of his hit show "Hardcore Pawn". I think ABC should recruit Jimmy Kimmel also, after all he does interview each dancer and their partner each week. Let me know who you would like to see on the next show? Thanks for stopping by!!

Until next time,

Win A Starbucks Gift Card !!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed there is no time at all to relax. From here now until Christmas it's usually crazy for everyone with getting your house decorated, getting all your shopping done, and let's not forget those last minute parties and Christmas gifts. I have always liked getting together with family, friends and colleagues for the holidays. It helps me get in the spirit of it all. Are you looking forward to another Christmas, and are you ready for it? I know my answer and it's HECK NO!! I know some people go out and shop right after the holiday, and look for bargains for the next year. I have been know to do this a time or two before. I also know people that have every single gift wrapped up like two months before Christmas. These people drive me batty. I can't even get my gifts wrapped two weeks before forget two months

So what do you like to do for the holidays, or what do you normally do with your family?  I usually just celebrate with the family on the big day, and I try to go to church on Christmas Eve. This has been a family tradition for many many years in our household, and I always look forward to seeing other people out, and the best part I love is when the whole church sings Christmas songs. Now that really gets me in the Christmas spirit. By the time you get home from church if you go to midnight mass, your Christmas is just about here in hours. I'm always doing the last minute thinking like what if  forgot something for someone?If I did, I sure hope he or she likes candles because that is what they are getting!! By this time, I'm all shopped out and ready to just hang it all up. Sorry to sound like a scrooge, but Christmas can be very trying on your nerves. So can dealing with the bank, cable and phone people right, and let us not forget the lovely credit cards??

So since it's stressful during this year, I decided to give you the chance to win a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. I don't know about you, but when I'm stressed a bit, there is nothing more than a good old cup of Joe to help out. Actually, a nice old Frappuccino does wonders for me. Have you ever had them from Starbucks? They are to die for. I like the Caramel Frappuccino the most, with the drizzled caramel sprinkled all over the top of this wonderful frozen cup of pure bliss!! I thought I would offer a gift card to my followers, to help de stress just a tiny bit. Take a break out of your busy day and or week, an go treat yourself with cup of Coffee from your local Starbucks!

Here is what you need to do to be eligible to win this gift card .You must follow my blog via GFC, and leave me a comment telling me what is your favorite drink at Starbucks, and/or if you have ever been  there before? These requirements are MANDATORY and must be done first in order for other entries to count. Open to U.S. residents only and you must be 18 to enter.

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Thanks to all of you for stopping by and entering my giveaway. I was not compensated at all for this review. I purchased the card referred to above myself. These are my opinions stated and yours might vary from mine. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy at the bottom right hand side of my blog. Feel free to check back often as I have some fabulous giveaways coming soon, and I mean fabulous!! Nothing like a win right before the big holiday!! Good Luck to all of you who enter! If you haven't won yet keep trying  you day will come soon.


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Thanks to both of the lovely hosts above for hosting this fabulous Blog Hop! Feel free to check out their giveaways while your visiting!! Have fun and Happy Hopping!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving To You!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Sorry I'm a bit late getting on, but it;s been a very busy day for me. I lost power last night due to an accident, so I was in the dark all night, and that meant I couldn't  finish baking my pies. Oh yeah, it was  very cold night too. Not having any heat when it's in the teens is tough, and to top it off I was in the hospital yesterday too, so it was a crazy day for me, but I was able to finish everything I needed to today and catch glimpses of the parade.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday with your loved ones. I'm very thankful for my family, friends and health, and I'm also thankful to the men and women who fight for our country, the ones who weren't able to be home with their families today. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Return home safe and sound for your family. You are all appreciated more than you know. I'm also thankful to the guys who spent the night out in the frigid temps trying to restore power so everyone could enjoy their day. I was a bit hesitant, but they came through with flying colors, so god bless them all!!  I think it's time for a piece of apple or pumpkin pie, so on that note I will get off. For those going out Black Friday shopping have a great time, and be safe. Watch your purse, as there are crazy people out during this season  who will do anything for money. Goodnight !!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

DWTS Week 9 Semi Finals

Here we are already at week 9 and in the semi finals of DWTS, and the four couples that made it this far are Rob & Cheryl, J.R. & Karina, Derek & Ricky and Hope and Max. I was pretty much thinking this would be the way things ended with the elimination of Hope & Max. AFter making it this far , and dealing with all the pretty nasty comments all season directed at them from the judges, I knew and I'm sure they knew their time was up. It was pretty evident for sure!
Hope and Max had a pretty rough start right from the get go with the judges. They knit picked every damn thing about them, while they praised others dancing like Nancy & Tristan and Carson & Anna. You could tell that there was discontent in the air. After Max brought Hope to his home to meet his parents and gave dinner, they kind of had a fresh start and seemed to be taking a different approach with things.Whatever it was, it was working. They danced their best of the season and they knew so by the look on their faces, only to go to the judges to get knocked down like always. They received three 7's, which I thought was somewhat low for their performance, and Max spoke up about it. He knew this was wrong and he needed to stand his ground for Hope and himself!
I'm not sure what the deal is between Carrie Ann & Max, but they have had issues for quite a few years now and it shows. She definitely has it out for him, and favors others like Rob Kardashian with her "Bootilicious" comments! How appropriate Carrie Ann to say on national television. Did you forget that this was a family show and kids watch this? It's so funny that you bark at Max for being rude to Len, well practice what you preach my dear!! On yeah, what on earth is wrong with smiling? Max didn't have no snarky look on his face, he was just staying cool and letting the judges bash Hope and him! I agree with alot of viewers that I think it is time for the show to clean house with the judges! Another thing that pissed me , was after the elimination every night the person that gets sent home goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live ,and does GMA in the morning. This did not happen this year, and I'm not happy about it one bit! I heard that ABC chose to have the finalists on instead of Max & Hope. This is not right at all! How dare you do that to them? I want an answer as to why this happened from ABC! I have dedicated many of years to this show, and now I'm let down like many others.
After an up and down season with some of the contestants, J.R. Martinez and Karina have been pretty consistent every week. This guy strives for perfection, and he has become a great dancer. After scoring two perfect 30's the week before, to hurting his ankle and getting 7's and 8's, it was a bit upsetting for J.R., and it was written all over his face. To go from being on top of the leader board for 4 weeks straight, this was not what J.R. & Karina had planned, but accidents happen. I just pray that he is better and brings his game tomorrow night. I expect and hope to see nothing but 10's for him on each dance.

We know that the judges show favoritism to Derek & Ricky and Rob & Cheryl, so I hope J.R. brings his best. I know that Derek &  Ricky did not have a perfect Samba, and they scored 3 ten's on that dance. Derek has always been a favorite to the judges! The partners he gets each year are amazing, some  who have had dance experience. Derek has won 3 times already . I want to see Karina win her first mirror ball trophy. She has come so close before, and this time it is hers!! I will keep my fingers crossed for sure!!

Congratulations to all of the couples who have made it this far. You have danced great and all deserve to be in the finals. Watch out for Rob K. He was on fire last week dancing. Cheryl has turned him into an awesome dancer. I hope he knows how good he is. The heck with the rest of the Kardashians!!
I'm hoping for some awesome free style dances with jumps, twists, you name it, I want to see it! Who ever does the best on free style usually ends up winning the competition, so I can't wait to see. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know who you want to win, and who you think will win the competition?


Friday, November 18, 2011

Lucky Winners Of My Giveaways

Congratulations to Amanda & Jill A. They were my lucky winners in my recent giveaways. Amanda won my Keri Lotion and Jill was lucky enough to win my Penny Wise Giveaway. I appreciate everyone stopping by and entering my giveaways. Right now I only have one giveaway posted (Konsyl Giveaway), but I have many that I'm waiting on for the holidays, so stop back and check when you get a chance if I have them listed. Can you believe the Thanksgiving is next Thursday? I can't believe it, but I'm getting pumped about Black Friday Shopping. Winning a gift card could sure help me out with shopping this year.~Enjoy your Thanksgiving!! Ta Ta for now!!

Konsyl Psyllium Fiber Supplement Review & Giveaway

I was recently approached and asked if I was interested in reviewing a fiber supplement called Konsyl. Since I have never tried anything like this before, and being that November is" Diabetes Awareness Month ", I said sure! Konsyl was founded in 1934, and is the #1 doctor recommended all natural psyillium fiber supplement.Konsyl comes from it's key ingredient concentrated Psyllium. Konsyl is a bulk forming fiber  laxative  derived  from the outer coating or husk of the Psyllium plant seed. It does not come from wheat and is  sugar and gluten free!

Psyllium absorbs liquid in the intestines and swelling to create a softer, bulkier stool that is easy to pass. Konsyl has a slew of health benefits also. They are as follows:

~ All natural
~ Sugar and Gluten free
~ Made with 100% pure pysllium(soluble plant fiber)
~ Safe for celiac patients, diabetics and pregnant nursing mothers

Konsyl is for men and women of all ages. You can manage your weight and your cholesterol with Konsyl. I have high cholesterol issues in my family so I'm curious to see if taken regularly , how it can reduce my cholesterol levels. Konsyl is used for men and women of all ages who want to:

~ Get relief from constipation and induce regularity(even while pregnant)
~ Get relief from various gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohns,
     Irritable Bowel Syndrome
   (IBS)  and Acid reflux
~ Enhance weight loss
~ Follow a heart healthy diet
~ Reduce the chance of having hemorrhoids
~ Decrease blood cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood glucose & insulin levels
~ Lower the risk of heart disease

I received the Konsyl Original Formula Psyllium Fiber and the Konsyl Psyllium 100 Capsules for review, with a shaker cup and two  packets of Konsyl Orange Sugar Free Packets. This was my first time experimenting with a supplement so I was a bit nervous as to the results, but it was a breeze. One thing I goofed on the first time was stirring it which if I read the directions properly, I would have noticed it said  stir. What a big difference it made with consistency. I must say that the taste wasn't that bad at all. I  really enjoyed the orange sugar free taste. This is an awesome drink  for diabetics who are trying to lower their sugar and watching their weight!!
I must say that the Konsyl Psyllium Fiber 100 Capsules were my favorite of all. They are easy to swallow, the don't have a funny smelling taste and the perks that come with it are great. Most people like to have a bowel movement daily, but that is not the case with some. I know this as some of my elderly relatives are always having issues with this. Every ones body is different , so as the directions say that within 12-72 hours a bowel movement generally is produced. The directions were spot on with me.I felt pretty good after using Konsyl.

Konsyl  is available in:

1) Konsyl Original Formula 450g(SRP $19.00)
2) Konsyl Psyllium Caps 100's(SRP $9.50)
3) Konsyl Orange Sugar Free Packets 30's (SRP $9.50)
4) Konsyl Balance Orange 300g(SRP $13.50)

You can purchase Konsyl in retail stores, ,, & Guess what? Konsyl  and Family Review Network are giving my readers a chance to win these items listed above. All  you have to do is stop by Konsyl and tell me something you learned or would like to try?/ This is MANDATORY and must b done first in order for other entries to count. You must also follow me on GFC!! I do check!! Please include your email with your entries so I can contact you should you win. Open to U.S. only and you must be 18 to enter!!!

Additional entries:

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Thanks to Family Review Network & Robin Leedy & Associates, Inc. for providing me with the items listed above for review. I was not compensated monetarily for this review. These are my opinions and mine only. Your opinions could vary from mine. Please refer to my disclosure policy on the bottom right hand side of my blog. Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaways! I adore each and everyone of you!! Open to U.S. only!! I have some fabulous upcoming giveaways so keep an eye out for them.Good Luck to all!!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Counting Down The Days Till Black Friday Shopping

Are you a fan of Black Friday shopping? I know I am, and I can't believe that it will be here in another 8 days. The craziness of it all, the pushing and shoving, the waiting in lines outdoors at wee hours in the morning, the waiting in lines for ever to check out. This is what Black Friday is all about. Many people in my family especially the men think that I'm crazy for doing this. It's a tradition with my sister, myself and whoever wants to come along. We usually start out at Kohl's, then work our way to Walmart, Target and which ever way the car drives us. Of course there has to be a stop for a good old home cooked breakfast on the way. Below is a picture of what it looks like standing in line at 3 a.m. in the morning waiting to get into Kohl's for their awesome deals they have each year.

Now this is what I call Black Friday shopping! I normally try to take a nap for a few hours before I go out, as the tiredness sets in the next day, and I don't like to sleep during the day, but usually I'm so excited about it that I can't sleep. I like to go out on a mission on Black Friday. I don't just go because it's Black Friday. We sit and look at the store ads after dinner, and decide which store we will be going to first. If I'm looking for a big item like a computer or T.V., that is the store I will hit first. Like last year I needed a computer so me and sis went to Walmart, and stood in line for more than 12 hours to get the deal. My sister even brought her husband last year for the fun, and he was actually a good sport about it! I can't say that I know too many men that like to shop!! Do you?? We actually had fun last year! It was a bit tough with the crowds in the store but the staff did great on keeping people moving and the isles open so you could get by. Walmart also offered snack and drinks last year to people waiting in the lines, so I thought that was pretty nice.
Depending on which items you are looking for, it aways pays to bring a few extra people along with you. If you are looking for a Television, a Computer or a Vacuum, you can't stand in 3 different lines at the same time. This is where you have your friend or family member go in one line while your in the other. This is only good if your both not looking let's say for a computer. Last year at Walmart you could only score 1 laptop per person in line,so one stood in the Laptop line while the other stood in the Television line. I was quite impressed at the check out lines as they actually moved right along and everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

Another favorite store of mine is Bath & Body Works. They always have awesome deals there, and that is when I stock up for the year. It's always busy too, so if your planning on stopping in your local store be prepared. They have them awesome  5 or 6 a.m. deals.Not too sure of the time. The staff are always bubbly there, and ready to help you out. They get you in and out real quick!

Where ever you go, I hope you ave fun and be safe! At times in the past on Black Friday people have got injured,and even one worker at Walmart got trampled and killed when the doors opened up. Since that happened they changes their store policy. It's not worth killing someone over a Computer, so be patient and kind, and not so much in a damn hurry! It's all about having fun! If you have the option of carrying a credit card, I think that is much safer than carrying cash. There are people out there that take advantage of this day and are looking to cash in, especially when your carrying cash on you, so I don't advise that. If your carrying cash just bring a small amount.Keep an eye on the register as your items are getting scanned. It's so much easier to deal with it at that moment verses having to go back and  get a refund if you are over charged!! Be patient, have fun and most of all be safe! That's what Black Friday is all about!!

Let me know what you do on Black Friday? Do you go out shopping, and which stores do you like to go to? Do you have any rituals each year that you follow? Who do you bring along shopping with you? Do you set a limit as to spending, or do you just say the hell with it, and go home broke?? I'd like to hear how you celebrate, so feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by!! Keep an eye out for some great giveaways coming soon!!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

DWTS Week 8.. My Run Down

Week 8.. My My My.. How time has passed so fast when your having fun. So we are getting down to the semi finals and left in the competition is Derek & Ricky, Max & Hope, J.R. & Karna, Nancy & Tristan and Rob & Cheryl. One of these couples had to go this 1 week shy of making it into the semi finals, and time to  remember 3 dance routines like one isn't tough enough. I couldn't imagine what these poor soles have gone through, but let me tell you they look fabulous.. All of them!!

Time had come for Nancy & Tristan. They were eliminated on week 8 into the competition. I'm so proud of how far Nancy went into this competition considering she never danced a step before. She really grew week after week, even after the many of  words her and Tristan shared. He was doing this for her best interest. I give the lady a heck of props for dancing her butt off, training 8 hours a day, working her T.V. show and trying to b a mommy to her kids who were there each week to support her.She knew that is was her time!!

Check out this video above of Hope & Max during their Instant Jive. For all the obstacles they over come, and Max having words with the judges, this indeed was their best dance to date. Hope was spot on with her moves,and remember they only twenty minutes to practice this routine. It was fabulous! I was so proud of them both as they had tried to put their differences aside and try things a bit different. max had brought Hope to his families house to visit. Hope sure got the dirt on Max wile there. I think he was trying to show her that there is a soft side to him, but on the dance floor , it's different!Whatever they did  worked,and his dance got them their highest scores, and into the semifinals!!

Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke took things to anther level this week with their Quick Step & Instant Jive. They earned 27 on their Quick Step & 24 On the Instant Jive. They were in jeopardy with Nancy & Tristan, but escaped going home, and landed a spot in the semi finals. Yeah for Rob & Cheryl. That Rob has really given his all in this competition. He comes back week after week to show those judges that he belongs there. I don't think that he will win the competition, but I think in might make it to the finals. Way to go Rob Kardashian for dancing so great and getting this far into the competition. Your family must be proud of you! I bet that is not the same for your sissy Kim!

My guess is that J.R. & Karina and Derek & Ricky will be in the final two. Not only did the nice beautifully during their Waltz, they earned the first perfect 30 on the show. They were so excited! That's what happens when  you really want something and you are determined to win. This man has overcome almost dying and being burnt over 40% on his body, so he is determined and strong willed, and I think he is going to pull this win off. They also earned 30 on their Instant Jive giving them a total of 60, which is the first perfect score this season. I think J.R will show us even more perfect scores to come. Way to go J.R. & Karina. You guys dance beautifully, and my eyes fill with tears watching you guys. Keep it up!
Lastly is Derek Hough &  Ricky Lake which scored a 28 in their Waltz and a 24 in their Instant Jive. The Instant Jive is a tough dance for the dancers, as they pick the tune out of a hat, and they have 20 minutes to rehearse, so this is a tough dance I can imagine. Derek & Ricky have danced beautifully throughout this competition. Derek is a three time Mirror Ball Champ, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind to make it 4. I love seeing Derek dance. That man is awesome to watch his moves on the dance floor. He is definitely a perfectionist! So who do you think will be the winner of this show, and who do you think will leave the competition next week?My guess will be Max & Hope, leaving Derek & Ricky, Rob & Cheryl and J.R. & Karina as the final three.

I'm praying that J.R. & Karina wins this competition. Karina ha the best dance partner ever, and she is yet to win. She has come close, and made it into the finals. Remember when Mario & Karina were in the finals back when? They should have won, but didn't! With just a few more weeks in the competition, we will have a winner very soon. I can't wait!! Then I will have to go into hibernation for the winter without no DWTS! I LOVE this show so much, and hen it's not on, well, I go a bit into nutty withdrawals!! Don't worry, I don't do anything bad, just maybe a bit more shopping! lol. Leave me a comment telling me who you want to see win. Thanks for stopping by!!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

On this special day I would like to send a huge Thanks out to all Veterans who have served or are currently serving today. It is because of you and your selflessness that I live safe and enjoy my freedom each and every day. Thanks to your families also, who have to make such sacrifices each day without you. What you are doing for our country each and every day is very courageous of  you. Also to all of the Veterans who gave their lives fighting for our country, you will never be forgotten! I can't Thank you enough for your bravery and dedication to this country!! Each year on Veterans Day Applebee's  shows their appreciation to our Veterans by giving them a free meal. All you have to do is show up with your Military I.D., and you will eat for free! How cool is that? Thanks to Applebee's for being so generous! If you plan on going check out the Baby Back Ribs. They are AWESOME!!!  Remember to Thank a Veteran if you see one today!! Happy Veterans Day to my dad who served in the Korean War!! Your dedication made our country a safer place to live in, so Thanks!! On this very special day I would like to Thank  each and every one of you!! God Bless you all and return home safe!!

With Thanks & Love,

Monday, November 7, 2011

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I take surverys, do polls, and enter random words each and every day. I earn sometimes up to 100 a day with Swagbucks. I have been saving them all year so I could use them for Christmas. This was a goal of mine, as I saw some gal say on her blog that she saves her Swagbucks all year, and has done all of her Christmas gifts bought with them. You can get Amazon Cards, Starbucks, Macaroni Grill, CVS and many more cards, and you can get electronics, apparel, accessories, music and so much more. If your interested then you can sign up on this link below. Once you get people signed up under you , you will start earning even more Swagbucks than ever. Set your self a goal and go for it today. Let me know how you make out. Thanks for stopping by! Good Luck to all of you who sign up!! You will love it!!


I Have Some Winners To Announce

I have some winners for my Freschetta & Marzetti Caramel Dip Giveaways. Jill was the lucky winner for my  Freschetta"Proud To Be Pink" Giveaway, and Emily & Jill C. was the lucky winners for my Marzetti Caramel Dip Giveaway.I hope you gals enjoy the dip and pizza just as much as I did. Thanks to all who entered my giveaways. Fell free to check out my latest giveaways posted on the right hand side of my blog! I have some fabulous giveaways coming soon, so check back frequently!! My followers mean the world to me! I appreciate all of you! Congrats ladies and enjoy!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hoppin Weekend Hop !!

Free Hot Samples

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Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, November 4, 2011

DWTS Week 7

Here we are already past the half way mark and many great dancers have exited the competition way too early if I must say so. I'm not the judge or anything, but this is a dance competition and great dancers like Kristin Cavaleri & Mark Ballas and Tony Dovolani & Chynna Phillips are gone, and the dancers who are so so are still here, and safe for yet another week. Is this competition based on dancing abilities or popularity? I swear I really would love to know the answer myself. I just don't feel  like it's an honest competition at all.What are your thoughts about this?

Nancy's red hair was amazing, and  so was her costume, but her Jive to "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" was very flat and boring if you ask me. I like Nancy & Tristan, and I give her all the credit in the world for making it this far in the competition.You can tell by the look on her face each week  waiting to find out her fate, as she knows she is there on luck. She has given it her all, but it's time for her to be eliminated.They landed in the bottom two and scored 21 out of 30, and are yet safe for another week again. How is this happening??
Unfortunately David & Kym were sent home this past week. After their Cha Cha earned them a 24, that just wasn't enough as they landed in the bottom two with Nancy & Tristan. I never thouht that Kym & David would be the ones sent home, but they were! Kym is one heck of a dancer and a two time mirror ball champ with Hines Ward and let's not forget the most fabulous Donny Osmond. .I met Kym in person before and she is a doll. She is the sweetest person ever. I loved David and Kym paired together.The actor and performer that David is, he gave the dance his best each week with his all. He was there to learn how to dance, and he grew as a person as he learned alot about himself. He was elegant and graceful as he danced each week. I loved seeing his daughter Coco and Courtney Cox there each week to Cheer him on. David & Kym will be missed. He really brought some laughter to the show with his bubbly personality.Thank you for the fun times David!

Everyone that follows me should know by now who I would like to see win this competition and that is J.R. Martinez & Karina Schmirnoff! They have danced like dynamite each week so far, except for a few missed steps on Halloween Night, but I know they will be in the finale for sure with Derek & Ricky. Another couple who is the one to beat lately is Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke. Here is a clip below of their Tango they danced this past week on Halloween.

This Tango was fantastic and earned them a 25 from the judges. I can't believe that this is the Rob Kardaschian that is Kim's little brother. This guy has come so far each week, and has taken the judges comments to heart, and performed even better the next week. This by far is my favorite dance of Rob & Cheryl. Save a spot in the finale JR & Karina and Derek & Ricki because Mr. Kardashian is working his way right up there. Let's just hope that sister Kimmy(Newlywed Divorce), stays home the next few weeks. Your doing just fine there Rob, and I particularly don't care to see the cameras flashed on them every chance they get. Hopefully the Kardashian clan will stay home and comfort poor woe is me Kimmy.That family, minus Rob make me want to vomit!! Kris Humphries should be lucky that the he is able to get out know while he can. If Rob hasn't shown the world how serious he is, and how well of a dancer he has become , then you must be watching something different than me. He is dancing his way right into the finale, so you go Rob K.

Stay tuned each week as I give my run down after DWTS airs. Don't worry if you missed a show, or part of one, as I will have the pleasure to fill you in. I appreciate all of you who take the time to stop by and always love reading your comments about the show. Feel free to enter my latest giveaways while our here.They are listed on the right hand side of my blog. See y'all next week!! Leave a comment if you'd like.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I ♥ Blogging Hop

This is week #37 of the I ♥ Blogging Hop that I co-host Lilac of Pawsitive Living.

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