Sunday, November 13, 2011

DWTS Week 8.. My Run Down

Week 8.. My My My.. How time has passed so fast when your having fun. So we are getting down to the semi finals and left in the competition is Derek & Ricky, Max & Hope, J.R. & Karna, Nancy & Tristan and Rob & Cheryl. One of these couples had to go this 1 week shy of making it into the semi finals, and time to  remember 3 dance routines like one isn't tough enough. I couldn't imagine what these poor soles have gone through, but let me tell you they look fabulous.. All of them!!

Time had come for Nancy & Tristan. They were eliminated on week 8 into the competition. I'm so proud of how far Nancy went into this competition considering she never danced a step before. She really grew week after week, even after the many of  words her and Tristan shared. He was doing this for her best interest. I give the lady a heck of props for dancing her butt off, training 8 hours a day, working her T.V. show and trying to b a mommy to her kids who were there each week to support her.She knew that is was her time!!

Check out this video above of Hope & Max during their Instant Jive. For all the obstacles they over come, and Max having words with the judges, this indeed was their best dance to date. Hope was spot on with her moves,and remember they only twenty minutes to practice this routine. It was fabulous! I was so proud of them both as they had tried to put their differences aside and try things a bit different. max had brought Hope to his families house to visit. Hope sure got the dirt on Max wile there. I think he was trying to show her that there is a soft side to him, but on the dance floor , it's different!Whatever they did  worked,and his dance got them their highest scores, and into the semifinals!!

Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke took things to anther level this week with their Quick Step & Instant Jive. They earned 27 on their Quick Step & 24 On the Instant Jive. They were in jeopardy with Nancy & Tristan, but escaped going home, and landed a spot in the semi finals. Yeah for Rob & Cheryl. That Rob has really given his all in this competition. He comes back week after week to show those judges that he belongs there. I don't think that he will win the competition, but I think in might make it to the finals. Way to go Rob Kardashian for dancing so great and getting this far into the competition. Your family must be proud of you! I bet that is not the same for your sissy Kim!

My guess is that J.R. & Karina and Derek & Ricky will be in the final two. Not only did the nice beautifully during their Waltz, they earned the first perfect 30 on the show. They were so excited! That's what happens when  you really want something and you are determined to win. This man has overcome almost dying and being burnt over 40% on his body, so he is determined and strong willed, and I think he is going to pull this win off. They also earned 30 on their Instant Jive giving them a total of 60, which is the first perfect score this season. I think J.R will show us even more perfect scores to come. Way to go J.R. & Karina. You guys dance beautifully, and my eyes fill with tears watching you guys. Keep it up!
Lastly is Derek Hough &  Ricky Lake which scored a 28 in their Waltz and a 24 in their Instant Jive. The Instant Jive is a tough dance for the dancers, as they pick the tune out of a hat, and they have 20 minutes to rehearse, so this is a tough dance I can imagine. Derek & Ricky have danced beautifully throughout this competition. Derek is a three time Mirror Ball Champ, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind to make it 4. I love seeing Derek dance. That man is awesome to watch his moves on the dance floor. He is definitely a perfectionist! So who do you think will be the winner of this show, and who do you think will leave the competition next week?My guess will be Max & Hope, leaving Derek & Ricky, Rob & Cheryl and J.R. & Karina as the final three.

I'm praying that J.R. & Karina wins this competition. Karina ha the best dance partner ever, and she is yet to win. She has come close, and made it into the finals. Remember when Mario & Karina were in the finals back when? They should have won, but didn't! With just a few more weeks in the competition, we will have a winner very soon. I can't wait!! Then I will have to go into hibernation for the winter without no DWTS! I LOVE this show so much, and hen it's not on, well, I go a bit into nutty withdrawals!! Don't worry, I don't do anything bad, just maybe a bit more shopping! lol. Leave me a comment telling me who you want to see win. Thanks for stopping by!!



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