Sunday, November 20, 2011

DWTS Week 9 Semi Finals

Here we are already at week 9 and in the semi finals of DWTS, and the four couples that made it this far are Rob & Cheryl, J.R. & Karina, Derek & Ricky and Hope and Max. I was pretty much thinking this would be the way things ended with the elimination of Hope & Max. AFter making it this far , and dealing with all the pretty nasty comments all season directed at them from the judges, I knew and I'm sure they knew their time was up. It was pretty evident for sure!
Hope and Max had a pretty rough start right from the get go with the judges. They knit picked every damn thing about them, while they praised others dancing like Nancy & Tristan and Carson & Anna. You could tell that there was discontent in the air. After Max brought Hope to his home to meet his parents and gave dinner, they kind of had a fresh start and seemed to be taking a different approach with things.Whatever it was, it was working. They danced their best of the season and they knew so by the look on their faces, only to go to the judges to get knocked down like always. They received three 7's, which I thought was somewhat low for their performance, and Max spoke up about it. He knew this was wrong and he needed to stand his ground for Hope and himself!
I'm not sure what the deal is between Carrie Ann & Max, but they have had issues for quite a few years now and it shows. She definitely has it out for him, and favors others like Rob Kardashian with her "Bootilicious" comments! How appropriate Carrie Ann to say on national television. Did you forget that this was a family show and kids watch this? It's so funny that you bark at Max for being rude to Len, well practice what you preach my dear!! On yeah, what on earth is wrong with smiling? Max didn't have no snarky look on his face, he was just staying cool and letting the judges bash Hope and him! I agree with alot of viewers that I think it is time for the show to clean house with the judges! Another thing that pissed me , was after the elimination every night the person that gets sent home goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live ,and does GMA in the morning. This did not happen this year, and I'm not happy about it one bit! I heard that ABC chose to have the finalists on instead of Max & Hope. This is not right at all! How dare you do that to them? I want an answer as to why this happened from ABC! I have dedicated many of years to this show, and now I'm let down like many others.
After an up and down season with some of the contestants, J.R. Martinez and Karina have been pretty consistent every week. This guy strives for perfection, and he has become a great dancer. After scoring two perfect 30's the week before, to hurting his ankle and getting 7's and 8's, it was a bit upsetting for J.R., and it was written all over his face. To go from being on top of the leader board for 4 weeks straight, this was not what J.R. & Karina had planned, but accidents happen. I just pray that he is better and brings his game tomorrow night. I expect and hope to see nothing but 10's for him on each dance.

We know that the judges show favoritism to Derek & Ricky and Rob & Cheryl, so I hope J.R. brings his best. I know that Derek &  Ricky did not have a perfect Samba, and they scored 3 ten's on that dance. Derek has always been a favorite to the judges! The partners he gets each year are amazing, some  who have had dance experience. Derek has won 3 times already . I want to see Karina win her first mirror ball trophy. She has come so close before, and this time it is hers!! I will keep my fingers crossed for sure!!

Congratulations to all of the couples who have made it this far. You have danced great and all deserve to be in the finals. Watch out for Rob K. He was on fire last week dancing. Cheryl has turned him into an awesome dancer. I hope he knows how good he is. The heck with the rest of the Kardashians!!
I'm hoping for some awesome free style dances with jumps, twists, you name it, I want to see it! Who ever does the best on free style usually ends up winning the competition, so I can't wait to see. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know who you want to win, and who you think will win the competition?



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