Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket Review

When I was contacted awhile back by  Gourmet Gift Baskets  about reviewing one of their Christmas Gift Baskets  I could not resist! I have worked with the fine folks at Gourmet Gift Baskets and they are wonderful people and stand behind their products! They have baskets for every occasion on the calendar. One of my favorites is the Jingle All The Way Holiday Gift Basket pictured in the photo above. If you have a sweet tooth like myself, then this basket is for you. It comes with candy, cookies, peppermint bark, toffee and much more. This basket is not only gorgeous looking, it's filled with awesome products, and this will make a nice little decoration on your table!
Gourmet Gift Baskets has something for everyone. Whether your a chocolate lover, peanut lover, cookie lover , candy lover or just a plain old fruit lover. There is something for everyone. Trust me on this!! If your going to a party or thinking of the perfect gift for your colleague, I always recommend a good old fruit basket. It's much healthier for you than candy. One of my favorite picks with Gourmet Gift Basket is the Orchard's Abundance Fruit Gift Basket. I remember working in the medical field for many years, and we always received gift baskets around the holidays, and we were thrilled with them. Inside this awesome basket is a jar of caramel sauce so you can dip the fruit in it. If you haven't ever tried dipping your fruit in caramel, you don't know what your missing.
The Holiday Sweets & Treats Snowflake Tin Christmas Basket is an eye catcher for sure and would look good sitting on any ones table. This one has mints, cookies, peanuts, honey mustard dip for dipping, and some dark chocolate too. The beautiful baskets by Gourmet Gift Baskets. If you have that someone in your family that your not to sure about buying for, then stop by and check the line of baskets they carry. They carry hundreds of baskets for every occasion, and they come delivered to the door perfectly wrapped in a basket!! Th people at Gourmet Gift Baskets are so easy to work with too!! They are awesome to me!!
This is another favorite of mine for sure, since I'm a huge Red Sox fan!! The "Boston Red Sox Gift Basket Classic"  , and on my Christmas list for sure. I have many sports fans in my family and they all like it when they get anything related to their favorite sports team. I love the Lanyard and the Sports Tumbler. If you happen to not be a Red Sox Fan, and are a Yankee fan, Gourmet Gift Baskets has a New York Yankee Gift Basket Classic. Once you have decided which Basket you would like, you just select your zip code & where you want it delivered, and n the next page you will be able to choose how fast you want it there, and how much shipping will cost. Gourmet Gift Baskets start at $29.99 and go up to $250.00+ for the much larger ones. The baskets are priced perfectly for what you are getting.
The Corporate Show Stopper Christmas Basket would be a huge hit for sure!! Imagine being at your desk and having this gorgeous basket delivered to you. I think I would be in heaven, and of course I would share with all of my co workers. Everything is stacked perfectly in the basket. I'm not sure how they do it, but the items do not fall out of place at all. Would you like to have one of these baskets delivered to you? I know that I would, but this year instead of me reviewing a basket, and offering my readers a chance to win, Gourmet Gift Basket is sending baskets over seas to the troops. I can't be any prouder of them for doing so. I could have reviewed one for myself, and sent the other one to the troops, but I decided that I a bit more fortunate right now, and since Christmas is creeping up on us, I decided to send both of my baskets to the troops. Atleast it's a little something to give them a smile on their face Christmas morning. I know other companies that do the same, so kudos to all of you that give to others especially around the holidays! I hope you understand why I chose to do this, and don't worry as I'm sure I will be contacted again from Gourmet Gift Baskets.

I can't express enough thanks to the wonderful folks at Gourmet Gift Baskets for being so kind, and giving us blogger a chance to pay it forward to others who can't be home at the time. I watch on TV each year when the troops open their care packages tat were sent to them, and the smile on their face is priceless! They do know that we are supporting them and all they do, and thanks to the great people at Gourmet Gift Baskets, for giving us blogger's a chance to participate!! I hope I made someone smile with this act of kindness!!
If anyone is looking for the perfect gift for me , the Gourmet Cheesecake Sampler is a must have in my house.Imagine this just sitting on the table with some cherries to throw on top? It looks like it is flavored already, but what the heck, a few cherries & a touch of whip cream, would spice it right up. I'm dying to try this cheesecake, so if anyone knows me, just remember Christmas is coming up! Thanks again to Gourmet Gift Baskets for participating in this wonderful program helping the troops out! I know I had a smile on my face when I heard that you would be donating to the troops. Kudos to you folks for being so thoughtful!! If any blogger would like to write to Gourmet Gift Baskets inquiring about reviewing, and or donating them as I did , feel free to contact them, and they will get back to you. I'm not sure how many have been reviewed so far, so be patient, and they will return your message.

I was not compensated for this review, nor was I given  product to review.I donated my Gourmet Gift Basket to the troops who are currently serving in IRAQ, Afghanistan. and other places.These are my opinions above, and yours and mine might vary!! Please refer to my disclosure policy on the bottom right hand side of my blog. Thanks to everyone who stops by and checks out my review. You should check out the  Christmas Baskets that Gourmet Gift Baskets carries. I'm sure you will be loving every I wish you all a very blessed, full of love, and a safe season!! Happy Holidays!!!



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