Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lauren Alaina Performing "Like My Mother Does"

Have you heard Lauren Alaina sing yet? I'm sure many of you have if you are an American Idol fan. She was runner up two seasons ago, when Scotty Mcreery won. This girl has stole me=y heart with her music. Check her out on you tube. She has performed with Martina Mc Bride, Jason Aldean & Sugarland just to name a few. This girl is AMAZING, as they say on The Bachelorette!  Like My Mother Does makes me cry each time I hear it. Check out her first video of this song below below. So beautiful! Her new album Barefoot & Buckwild has just been released recently, so go pick up a copy today. I knew when she left American Idol as runner up, that she would have no problem with her career at all. She was blessed with a set of pipes for sure, and she can sing. I love her music so much. Check out these videos and see for yourself.

Thank you Lauren for gods gracious gift that you have been giving! You sure have not disappointed your fans at all. I just hope that I get to see you in person soon. P.S. Your new hair cut is banging not. Your as pretty as a peach! Keep up the great music & keep it coming. I'm one of your biggest fans. Like My Mother Does is very personal to me because my mom is ill. I'm going to try to learn how to sing this beautiful song to her. Your a blessing Lauren! Love you!


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