Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Hello everyone!! Just want to wish you a very Happy Easter today!! I can't believe this day is already here. Didn't we just have Christmas? Where on earth has the time gone? I bet the kiddos are happy that this day is here. I don't have a little one any more, as he is an adult now, but I remember clearly all of the fun I used to have making the eggs, and hiding them all over the house and yard on Easter Day. The kids were so happy and , they tried their hardest to find the eggs because they knew that the lucky one would get a prize. I hope your day is special with your family and friends too! Happy Easter to you all & God Bless!! Let us keep the troops , and the families that  have lost loved ones in our prayers at this time. Thanks for stopping by!!

Happy Easter,

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who's Your Favorite On DWTS

Have you made your mind up on who will win the mirror ball this season yet, or who you would like to see win the lovely mirror ball trophy? As much of a huge Tony Dovolani fan I am, I don't think he has the partner to get him into the finals, but then crazier things have happened. So far this season I like Derek & Kelly, DL Hughley & Cheryl Burke & Val & Zendaya Coleman, and lets not  forget the wonderful Andy Dick. I really hope he goes far in this competition. I could care less about his screw ups in the past. He has made well, and is a fighter, and he is turning into a great dancer. I felt so bad for DL & Chery after receiving the 4's on the first week of competition. He clearly hadn't rehearsed enough, and he lost his step many of times, and was called out on it. Nothing like coming back week 2 and standing strong and proud, and proving he has what it takes to dance. Kudos to you for being a strong willed man.

The contestants hit the lotto this week with Dorothy Hammel  bowing out due to injuries. I did not see that coming at all, but when your body is telling you to stop, sometimes it's the right thing to do. We all know that she is an Olympic Gold Medalist. She is a winner in my eyes. With Lyndsey. & Victor, and Lisa & Gleb being in the bottom two, I thought that Lisa Vanderpump might have been the one to go home. She don't seem to me to be too serious about her dancing and it shows on the dance floor. I guess we will wait and see next week for sure.

Who are you liking so far , an who would you like to see win the mirror ball? I think it will be between Derek & Kelly and Val & Zendaya, with the last two taking the win. That girl is only 16 years old, cuter than a button, has legs longer than long, and boy can she dance. I almost feel she has a bit of advantage over the others whom have no dance experience. This is how it goes on DWTS it seems. Thanks for stopping by. I love reading your comments, so keep them coming. Have a great day & a terrific Easter!


Monday, March 18, 2013

DWTS Returns !!!

It's finally that time again. DWTS returns once again for another season. I couldn't be more happier. Since the All Star season has ended, and the wonderful Melissa Rycroft Strickland & the most charming Tony Dovolani were crowed the champs, my Monday nights just haven't been the same. I have been going through some serious withdrawals since then.  I can't wait until 8 p.m. tonight to see what the new cast is all about. Who are you looking forward to seeing on the dance floor? I'm looking forward to seeing DL Hughley, Wynona Judd and the gal from SYTYCD.. I can't remember her name at this time. DO you think the new cast are going to bring it?? I sure hope so. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Lisa Vanderpump does on the dance floor. She' a feisty little fire cracker on her reality shows, so if she brings this to the dance floor, it could be very interesting.

How about The Bachelor Sean Lowe? How do you think he will do on the dance floor? I wasn't too thrilled with him on The Bachelor,a s he is boring. I'm sure we will see his new fiancee Catherine in the audience each week. I bet she will do a dance with him like Vienna did with Jake Pavelka. ABC is all about the ratings for sure. The same judges will be back to critique the celebrities this season. I was hoping that maybe Len went on a long vacation around the world, but not so. lol. I hope to be blogging each week after the show giving you my thoughts of the contestants like I have done in the past. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions as well. Thanks for stopping by!! Enjoy watching the new season of DWTS!! I know I will.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day Folks!! I know this is a day that is looked forward to by many across the world, not only for the great food, great green beer & the great company that comes with the day.  DO you have any plans on this St. Paddy's Day? I'm just doing the usual eating with the family at home. I must say that a nice cold green Irish beer surely does sound tasty to the palate.

As soon as I leave the house today,off to Mc Donalds I go for a nice frosty Shamrock Shake! I have been drinking these for years. It's a tradition now. I just pray to god that they don't run out of them like they did last year. I was bummed. I hope each and everyone of you enjoy your day. Don't forget to sparkle in some green today. I will be in green from head to toe today.Have a fun day today, and remember if your out drinking the green beer, than nominate a designated driver. I happen to love my family and want them all safe.

Enjoy Folks,

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrity Apprentice All Star Cast

The new season of Celebrity Apprentice has started, and to tell you the truth, I'm not so interested in it one bit. First of all, Donald Trump is a copy cat with the All Stars. Couldn't a man with all the money in the world come up with a better idea? I guess not!! I'm not impressed with these All Stars except a few like Brett Micheal's, Lil John,Penn Teller &Gary Busey. If your asking why about Gary, the answer is that he makes me laugh, and underneath his weirdness, he is a smart man!

Why on earth was this beast brought back Mr. Trump?? I know the answer to that. Your show is all about ratings, and it don't matter how you get them. Omarosa is one of the most nastiest people I have ever met in my life. Look at how she treated Brett Micheal's last night, and the bit with the $$$ that each celebrity earned was only off at the sum of $80,000.00. Could she be trusted with $$? The answer is not in one million years.
This man should have never been sent home last night at all. Once again, Mr. Trump, you have screwed up again. Just because the project manager raised a ton of money does not give them the right to stay, and after the shadiness with the money situation having Omarosa in charge, that should have been taken into count. Mr. Trump had a target set out on Brett's back from the get go. He kept asking him why he came back to the show?? He finished on top, so why not leave it like that?

The answer is Brett came back for his foundation which is for Diabetes? He has suffered all of his life from this, and would do anything in the world to get a cure for his foundation. Praise the man for coming back and doing this, don't fire him you idiot. He knew from the get go that Omarosa had a target on him. He saw right through her. I just wish he kept the title as project manager for this task. I think he would have raised a ton of $$$, and he might have been saved from exit. Knowing Mr. Trump and how he rolls, I highly doubt this though.

I was happy to see Pierce Morgan as a judge on the other side of the table. Many people don't like him one bit, but he did win, and he won fair and square. He is a genius if you ask me. I hope he stays around awhile, and not the son. What did you think of Trace Adkins keeping the business closed, and just taking donations? I knew exactly why he did it, and I knew he would raise the most $$$, but his reasoning just makes me wonder why?? You could tell that his teammates weren't too thrilled including Gary Busey. Did you see him outside on the street trying to get people to come in?? I would love to see Gary Busey make it to the finale, but we will see what happens.

My initial thoughts were  that I'd love to see Penn, Micheal & Gary make it to the finale and maybe Lisa Rina, but so much for that thought. I'm so flipping pissed off right now, I'm not sure I will continue to follow it. All of these reality shows are starting to suck big time. They are all trying to out do each other, and failing miserably. Look at Idol & The Bachelor.. Ugh.. I think I'd rather have morning sickness than watch the same old crap week by week. Time will tell as each week goes by. I'd love to hear your thought s about the show, and do you think Mr. Trump played unfair last night sending Brett home? I even read tweets from celebrities, an they were even at awe with his decision. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your week!

P.S. Get rid of Baldwin, and put Dennis Rodman to work. He looks like a big idiot just standing around. He's a six time champion, so I think he's very capable of running a task. Don't ya think??
I cna't wait to see Lisa Rina in the boardroom either. Fire that girl up.. Go Lisa!!

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