Monday, September 30, 2013

Have A Great Week!

Hello! Just wanted to stop and say hi to all my readers. Sorry I have been missing in action for awhile, and have had to put my blog on hold, but I have been caring for a sick family member day and night. It is by far one of the toughest jobs that I have done. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and did some fun stuff. I celebrated my sons birthday with him this weekend. It was fun, and it took my mind of the other stuff that I'm dealing with daily. Hope to be back in around more often sooner. I miss all of my blogger buds. God Bless you all! Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gone But Not Forgotten

I can't believe that 12 years has passed since some cowards attacked out country, and countless life's were lost. I remember exactly where I was when the first plane hit tower 1, I was out to breakfast with my family. I was in total shock from the news. Not to long after there was another attack on tower 2, and more attacks would follow. This was one of the most horrific things to ever happen to our beautiful nation that I have ever seen. All I kept saying was Why? Those poor people in the building trapped, the people jumping out of windows, all the first responders on the , it was total chaos. When the building collapsed, all I can remember is seeing all of those people running for dear life. We lost thousands of people on that fateful day in September, some who were about to become parents, some who were to get engaged, and many who were there to help others escape put their own life at stake to help out. They are heroes in my eyes. Even the ones of the planes trying to take down the terrorists before more damage could happen. I think they are some of the most heroic people in this world. What family wouldn't be proud of that? I hope you all take time today to remember just how many heroes we lost that day. They will never ever be forgotten, and for many of them, their legacy lives on through their children. Let's all pray for peace in this country & stop the violence! Enough is enough already! May god bless you all, and may god bless America!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Enjoy Your Labor Day

Wishing all of my blogger friends & family a very Happy Labor Day today! Do you have any picnics to attend? Be safe and have fun whatever you choose to do. If you drink, then designate a driver. This is the right thing to do! Way too many tragedies take place each year due to alcohol, which could be avoided. I'm just looking out for all of you and want you safe. Enjoy yourself , have fun & be safe !!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Is Your Summer Going?

How is every one's summer going this far? It's been hotter than heck this past week, high in the 90's, and humid as ever. It's been unbearable, but thank god for air conditioners. I sure feel sorry for those without. I can't believe that. July has flown by this quick, can you? It feels as if the kids just got out of school. I sure hope each and everyone of your kids and grand kids are enjoying their summer, and being safe.

It has been a long while since I have had the chance to blog. I have my hands tied with a sick family member that needs me badly. I apologize for not blogging, but family comes first, and when I get home, I just about want to collapse. My body is not doing the greatest itself. I hope you all enjoy your summer. Do lots of fun and safe activities with your family, and remember safety. Do not let children near a pool unattended.  I hear tragedies way to often during this time of year, that could be prevented.

I hope to be back blogging and hosting giveaways as soon as I can. I miss all of my followers and friends. Keep in touch and thanks for stopping by! Be safe & have a blast!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lauren Alaina Performing "Like My Mother Does"

Have you heard Lauren Alaina sing yet? I'm sure many of you have if you are an American Idol fan. She was runner up two seasons ago, when Scotty Mcreery won. This girl has stole me=y heart with her music. Check her out on you tube. She has performed with Martina Mc Bride, Jason Aldean & Sugarland just to name a few. This girl is AMAZING, as they say on The Bachelorette!  Like My Mother Does makes me cry each time I hear it. Check out her first video of this song below below. So beautiful! Her new album Barefoot & Buckwild has just been released recently, so go pick up a copy today. I knew when she left American Idol as runner up, that she would have no problem with her career at all. She was blessed with a set of pipes for sure, and she can sing. I love her music so much. Check out these videos and see for yourself.

Thank you Lauren for gods gracious gift that you have been giving! You sure have not disappointed your fans at all. I just hope that I get to see you in person soon. P.S. Your new hair cut is banging not. Your as pretty as a peach! Keep up the great music & keep it coming. I'm one of your biggest fans. Like My Mother Does is very personal to me because my mom is ill. I'm going to try to learn how to sing this beautiful song to her. Your a blessing Lauren! Love you!



Sunday, May 26, 2013

~ Have A Great Memorial Day Weekend ~

I Hope each and everyone of you are having a fun &  safe Memorial Day Weekend. This is just the beginning of summer with all the parties, picnics, carnivals and much more. I hope you are all having a blast. If you plan on consuming alcohol, make sure you have a sober ride home. Too many tragedies happen each year from alcohol, which can be prevented, so please keep this in mind.

Thanks to all of the hardworking men & woman who serve our country each and every day, making it a better and safer pace to live in, and to the soldiers who never made it home, know how very much your service to this country was appreciated, and you will never ever be forgotten! When your out, and you see someone in uniform, say thank you to them. Thanks goes a long way, and makes them feel appreciated. I do it every chance I get. Heck , sometimes I ask for their phone #'s too. Just joking folks. I'm not that desperate of a person. A good old laugh more now than then will never hurt anyone

Have fun, eat some good food, and enjoy yourself with your family this Memorial Day Weekend! Remember all the good things in your life, and don't focus on all of the negative. My hearts go out to all of the folks of Oklahoma who suffered terrible loss with the recent Tornadoes, and to the poor children who perished. May each and everyone of you rest easy. Your town will rebuild, and it will rebuild, and it will be stronger and better than ever. Thanks for stopping by to all of my followers. Feel free to leave a comment if your real, and if your just hear to spam, then feel free to go to hell!! I'm getting very tired of having to erase this nonsense crap each day. Does anyone know how I can stop this?


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who Will Win The Mirror Ball Trophy


I can't believe that the finale is already here tonight. I apologize about not doing my weekly posts like I normally do, but my life has been very busy taking care of an ill family member, which leaves me no time for myself at all. Have you enjoyed watching DWTS this season, and what are your thoughts? I have really enjoyed it. The cast members have been so much fun to watch, and they have really bonded very well. I have really enjoyed watching Jacoby Jones. The talent that man brings to the dance floor each week, and his personality has been a blast. He has worked so hard, and he deserves to be in the finale for sure.

Mark & Ali had been a favorite since the get go. That girl has worked her butt off, and has grown week by week. She has really put herself out there on the dance floor each week, and is a fan favorite if you ask me. I'm so proud of the dancer she has become. Zendaya & Val have been a favorite from the get go. Since week one, she has proven to be one heck of a dancer, and she couldn't be paired with a better partner than Val. I adore the both of them, but I feel as if she has an advantage over the other dancers because of her Hip Hop background. She is great and all, but she already has the background.

Kelly Pickler has had my eye since her first dance. She has come out a bit scared and all, and has given 100% each week to her partner Derek Hough. You couldn't ask for a better dance instructor than Derek. He is the bomb, and one of the best choreographer's I have ever seen. She has put her fear aside, and put herself out there week after week. Derek has taught her how to trust herself and others. I'm extremely proud of the beautiful dancer she has become. Her dances have earned earn tens several times, and she has deserved them. I'm so glad that this is that Kelly & Derek have made it to the finals.

I'm hoping that Kelly & Derek and Mark & Ally end up the final two. Either way who wins will be a great outcome, but I'm hoping that Derek & Kelly take the trophy. Derek needs #4 to add to his collection. I'm so proud of all of the dancers, and how well they have danced this season. I know it's been hard work from the get go. In just a few short hours we will see who will take the trophy. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are this season. All I know is it's going to be a long summer for me without my DWTS. This is by far my all time favorite show for sure. Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

~LysoL Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash Review~

Thanks to Bzz Agent I was able to try one of the newest soaps out on the market, LYSOL® Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash. I immediately fell in love with the soap and the container it came in. It's soft and lightweight, and all you do is pump and out it comes  in a soft, lightweight and lathery foam. I was sent the Orchid Vanilla, and I thought it might be a flowery smell, but that is not so. I loved the Vanilla that was in it. I will be off to he store to get  the Wild Berry Bliss & the Rose and Cherry in Bloom.  The LYSOL® Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash is 99.9% germ free and it makes your hands feel so soft from the soft moisturizing enriched bubbles.

Lysol Touch Foam delivers a luxurious protection that is soft on your hands and hard on your germs. I'm constantly washing my hands wherever I go, an I wish that I could carry this soap with me. I really love it so much, and can't wait to get my hands on a new scent. I have told many of my friends about it on FB, Twitter and word of mouth. I have even gone up to people in he grocery store to tell is them how positive I feel about this soap. I have also handed out some coupons that came in the package I received. Thanks again to the wonderful folks at Bzz Agent for providing mw with the chance to review this product, and help get out the word. I hope if you read this review, that you go out and pick up yourself a bottle. It runs about $3.00 plus tax, and if you find a coupon, that would even be better. You won't be sorry. You will be happy and germ free!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who Will BeThe Next American Idol

So what are your thoughts on American Idol this season? There have been some serious talented artists this year, it seems more than ever before. One of my favorites left the first elimination and that was Curtis Davis, then I also loved Burnell, and think he got the boot a bit too early. Those damn judges didn't even use the save on any one this year. What on earth were they thinking? I yelled and screamed, and wished I could have choked them through the T.V. After the first elimination, I knew this season would be a disappointment for me. Curtis was grand and he belonged in the top 10.

So what do you think about the judge panel this year? When I heard that Nicki Minaj was coming, I wanted to scream. That girl as a whack job, and forgets often that this is a singing competition, and not a fashion competition. Keith is a bit boring to me, but gives excellent constructive criticism to the contestants, Randy "Dog" Jackson is pretty much Randy and blah, and the fabulous Mariah Carey , who I adore, seems to be acting a bit snudy this season. When a contestant earns a standing ovation, then stand the hell up. Sitting down seems so disrespectful to the contestants. Nicki Minaj does this too quite often, as she twirls her hair around. I hear that there is some talk about bringing J Lo back to replace Mariah. I could live without her too. She had her chance, and she left, so move on. I hope that Nicki does not return next year, nor Mariah. I just don't care for there style of critiquing, and their constant bickering between them two. It's so juvenile. Grow up girls! We know who the better singer is, and that is Mariah Carey by far!! Bring back Simon Cowell & Paula Abdul, and let it be the way it used to be which was a great show.

So who do you think out of the top 4 will make it to the finale? From the get go I chose Candace, Amber and Kree to make the hometowns, them Candace and Amber would make it to the finale , and get a shiny new car. All four of these gals are seriously talented, and will have a huge music career, no matter what the outcome is. It usually happens this way with Idols. Look at Jennifer Hudson, and Clay Aiken. They are superstars right now. To get this close, and to miss the cut when your looking so forward to it has to be painful period. These girls have worked their butts off for weeks now, and want to be perfect. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Amber & Candace in the finale. I'd love to see Amber win, but I'm thinking it might be Candace, as she has been the favorite from the get go. We well see in just two more weeks who will become the new champ. Are you having any American Idol parties to celebrate? If so, can I come along? God Bless each and everyone of you. Sorry that I have been missing in action for quite some time, but family comes first, and I had a sick member who needs me more now than ever. It's hard to handle, but there is no other options. Good Luck girls!! May the best one win!!~

Thanks for stopping by,.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Hello everyone!! Just want to wish you a very Happy Easter today!! I can't believe this day is already here. Didn't we just have Christmas? Where on earth has the time gone? I bet the kiddos are happy that this day is here. I don't have a little one any more, as he is an adult now, but I remember clearly all of the fun I used to have making the eggs, and hiding them all over the house and yard on Easter Day. The kids were so happy and , they tried their hardest to find the eggs because they knew that the lucky one would get a prize. I hope your day is special with your family and friends too! Happy Easter to you all & God Bless!! Let us keep the troops , and the families that  have lost loved ones in our prayers at this time. Thanks for stopping by!!

Happy Easter,

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who's Your Favorite On DWTS

Have you made your mind up on who will win the mirror ball this season yet, or who you would like to see win the lovely mirror ball trophy? As much of a huge Tony Dovolani fan I am, I don't think he has the partner to get him into the finals, but then crazier things have happened. So far this season I like Derek & Kelly, DL Hughley & Cheryl Burke & Val & Zendaya Coleman, and lets not  forget the wonderful Andy Dick. I really hope he goes far in this competition. I could care less about his screw ups in the past. He has made well, and is a fighter, and he is turning into a great dancer. I felt so bad for DL & Chery after receiving the 4's on the first week of competition. He clearly hadn't rehearsed enough, and he lost his step many of times, and was called out on it. Nothing like coming back week 2 and standing strong and proud, and proving he has what it takes to dance. Kudos to you for being a strong willed man.

The contestants hit the lotto this week with Dorothy Hammel  bowing out due to injuries. I did not see that coming at all, but when your body is telling you to stop, sometimes it's the right thing to do. We all know that she is an Olympic Gold Medalist. She is a winner in my eyes. With Lyndsey. & Victor, and Lisa & Gleb being in the bottom two, I thought that Lisa Vanderpump might have been the one to go home. She don't seem to me to be too serious about her dancing and it shows on the dance floor. I guess we will wait and see next week for sure.

Who are you liking so far , an who would you like to see win the mirror ball? I think it will be between Derek & Kelly and Val & Zendaya, with the last two taking the win. That girl is only 16 years old, cuter than a button, has legs longer than long, and boy can she dance. I almost feel she has a bit of advantage over the others whom have no dance experience. This is how it goes on DWTS it seems. Thanks for stopping by. I love reading your comments, so keep them coming. Have a great day & a terrific Easter!


Monday, March 18, 2013

DWTS Returns !!!

It's finally that time again. DWTS returns once again for another season. I couldn't be more happier. Since the All Star season has ended, and the wonderful Melissa Rycroft Strickland & the most charming Tony Dovolani were crowed the champs, my Monday nights just haven't been the same. I have been going through some serious withdrawals since then.  I can't wait until 8 p.m. tonight to see what the new cast is all about. Who are you looking forward to seeing on the dance floor? I'm looking forward to seeing DL Hughley, Wynona Judd and the gal from SYTYCD.. I can't remember her name at this time. DO you think the new cast are going to bring it?? I sure hope so. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Lisa Vanderpump does on the dance floor. She' a feisty little fire cracker on her reality shows, so if she brings this to the dance floor, it could be very interesting.

How about The Bachelor Sean Lowe? How do you think he will do on the dance floor? I wasn't too thrilled with him on The Bachelor,a s he is boring. I'm sure we will see his new fiancee Catherine in the audience each week. I bet she will do a dance with him like Vienna did with Jake Pavelka. ABC is all about the ratings for sure. The same judges will be back to critique the celebrities this season. I was hoping that maybe Len went on a long vacation around the world, but not so. lol. I hope to be blogging each week after the show giving you my thoughts of the contestants like I have done in the past. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions as well. Thanks for stopping by!! Enjoy watching the new season of DWTS!! I know I will.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day Folks!! I know this is a day that is looked forward to by many across the world, not only for the great food, great green beer & the great company that comes with the day.  DO you have any plans on this St. Paddy's Day? I'm just doing the usual eating with the family at home. I must say that a nice cold green Irish beer surely does sound tasty to the palate.

As soon as I leave the house today,off to Mc Donalds I go for a nice frosty Shamrock Shake! I have been drinking these for years. It's a tradition now. I just pray to god that they don't run out of them like they did last year. I was bummed. I hope each and everyone of you enjoy your day. Don't forget to sparkle in some green today. I will be in green from head to toe today.Have a fun day today, and remember if your out drinking the green beer, than nominate a designated driver. I happen to love my family and want them all safe.

Enjoy Folks,

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrity Apprentice All Star Cast

The new season of Celebrity Apprentice has started, and to tell you the truth, I'm not so interested in it one bit. First of all, Donald Trump is a copy cat with the All Stars. Couldn't a man with all the money in the world come up with a better idea? I guess not!! I'm not impressed with these All Stars except a few like Brett Micheal's, Lil John,Penn Teller &Gary Busey. If your asking why about Gary, the answer is that he makes me laugh, and underneath his weirdness, he is a smart man!

Why on earth was this beast brought back Mr. Trump?? I know the answer to that. Your show is all about ratings, and it don't matter how you get them. Omarosa is one of the most nastiest people I have ever met in my life. Look at how she treated Brett Micheal's last night, and the bit with the $$$ that each celebrity earned was only off at the sum of $80,000.00. Could she be trusted with $$? The answer is not in one million years.
This man should have never been sent home last night at all. Once again, Mr. Trump, you have screwed up again. Just because the project manager raised a ton of money does not give them the right to stay, and after the shadiness with the money situation having Omarosa in charge, that should have been taken into count. Mr. Trump had a target set out on Brett's back from the get go. He kept asking him why he came back to the show?? He finished on top, so why not leave it like that?

The answer is Brett came back for his foundation which is for Diabetes? He has suffered all of his life from this, and would do anything in the world to get a cure for his foundation. Praise the man for coming back and doing this, don't fire him you idiot. He knew from the get go that Omarosa had a target on him. He saw right through her. I just wish he kept the title as project manager for this task. I think he would have raised a ton of $$$, and he might have been saved from exit. Knowing Mr. Trump and how he rolls, I highly doubt this though.

I was happy to see Pierce Morgan as a judge on the other side of the table. Many people don't like him one bit, but he did win, and he won fair and square. He is a genius if you ask me. I hope he stays around awhile, and not the son. What did you think of Trace Adkins keeping the business closed, and just taking donations? I knew exactly why he did it, and I knew he would raise the most $$$, but his reasoning just makes me wonder why?? You could tell that his teammates weren't too thrilled including Gary Busey. Did you see him outside on the street trying to get people to come in?? I would love to see Gary Busey make it to the finale, but we will see what happens.

My initial thoughts were  that I'd love to see Penn, Micheal & Gary make it to the finale and maybe Lisa Rina, but so much for that thought. I'm so flipping pissed off right now, I'm not sure I will continue to follow it. All of these reality shows are starting to suck big time. They are all trying to out do each other, and failing miserably. Look at Idol & The Bachelor.. Ugh.. I think I'd rather have morning sickness than watch the same old crap week by week. Time will tell as each week goes by. I'd love to hear your thought s about the show, and do you think Mr. Trump played unfair last night sending Brett home? I even read tweets from celebrities, an they were even at awe with his decision. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your week!

P.S. Get rid of Baldwin, and put Dennis Rodman to work. He looks like a big idiot just standing around. He's a six time champion, so I think he's very capable of running a task. Don't ya think??
I cna't wait to see Lisa Rina in the boardroom either. Fire that girl up.. Go Lisa!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The New Cast Of DWTS

So the new cast of DWTS was announced on GMA this morning at 8 a.m.. After all of the speculation of who would be on the show, the new members have been announced. After thinking that Emily Maynard & Sean Lowe of the Bachelor & Bachelorette would be on the show, along with Honey Boo Boo's mom June, I just about couldn't stomach much more. Sean is boring to me on The Bachelor, so I'm thankful he won't be dancing. Also the fame queen Emily Maynard, she annoys the heck out of me with being in the lime light.  My feelings about the cast are so so.

I was a bit shocked when I heard Lisa Vanderpump would be on the show considering she has two other shows that she is on including Vanderpump Rules & RHWOB. How in the world would she have the time to dance with all of the foolishness going on in her her restaurants, and the show? I like her as a person, but we will see what she has to bring to the show soon. She is paired up with one of the three new dancers. I can't wait to see her in those gorgeous glittery costumes. She is a gorgeous lady, and presents herself well, so I can't wait to see her in costume.

So excited to see Kelly Pickler on the show. My guess would be that Derek & Kelly will be the ones to beat. I new Kelly would be paired up with Derek. He always gets the most gorgeous partners. Kelly was on American Idol some seasons back, and even though she did not win, she has won America's heart over with her friendly, bubbly & her North Carolina accent. She surely knows how to sing, but will she prove that she can dance? My guess is yes. She recently had her head shave because her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, so she shaved herself with her friend watching. What a great person she is. Her smile is infectious, and she has one of the best choreographers ever for a partner, Derek Hough 3 x champion. He has also been runner up quite a few times, and sent home short. I know the crowd will love Kelly. I'm sure that Bruno will too.I'm thrilled to death that Ingo Rademacher will be dancing with Kym Johnson also. What a match made in heaven. I can't wait to see them Rumba and Argentine Tango. They are both hot & sexy people. Good Luck Jax & Kym!!

Now this is one funny man. DL Hughley will be exciting to watch. I'm sure his humor will be be great to watch on the show. I'd hate to see Len give him some bad feedback. I can only imagine what he might say. He is paired up with Cheryl Burke who is also a 2 x champion, and that girl don't mess around. I'm not sure who is tougher Cheryl or Karina

Tony Dovolani is paired up with Wynona Judd this season . He has worked his butt of for 13+ seasons for the championship, and finally achieved that on the All Stars last season with the wonderful & beautiful Melissa Rycroft. I would love to see them two dance again. Maybe she will come back and be an insider on the show. Fingers crossed for that. The one that I'm thinking that might exit early will be Andy Dick. I guess he's a comedian with a very loose mouth. I hear he is funny, but we will see how things play out with him. I can't wait to see how Karina is with the football player partner. I think that they will be one heck of a couple to watch. Did you see the dance they did when they came out?

Well, that is it about now. I can't wait until March 16, 2013. I live for DWTS, and anyone who knows me, knows that I'm glued to my TV, and don't answer phone calls during this time. I normally blog about the show each week, but life has been hectic lately with family issues, so I will do the best I can at this. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope to see you around again soon.

Adios for now,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Climb.. I ♥ This Song!!

Have you ever listened to The Climb, by Miley Cyrus? As I sit hear and listen to it, and struggle to get through this day without crying even more,  realize how tough life can be at times. Life is a struggle, and there will be times like right now for me that I feel like I have to climb a mountain to accomplish things. I just hope that when I get to the top of the mountain that the other side of the slope will be a bit easier for me. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my mom & my kid who are both ill at this time. It's hard enough to watch your kid suffer, then to have a parent of top of it, it's just about killing me inside. I want to cry, but that just makes me feel worse, and no one will hear it anyways. Listen to this amazing song here by Miley Cyrus, and tell me this isn't a powerful song by her! Thanks Miley for helping me get through some tough moments!! God Bless you all & thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥♥

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone today. So, what is on your agenda today? Will you be going out for dinner, cooking in at home & a movie, or don't you celebrate at all?? Have a great Valentine's Day no matter what your plans are. I'm making it a special day for my mom who has Alzheimer's Disease. I'm going to try and put a smile on her face today. It has been very tough lately, so wish me luck. She loves furry things, so I got her a nice stuffed bear so she can hold on to., and some goodies for her to chew on. On this day, love, love & more love and make that special someone feel  extra special!! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day♥♥♥ God Bless !!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thanks Nemo.. Just What I Wanted

Hey Nemo, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for all of this bull crap snow that you decided to bring us. While snow is nice to see from time to time, I sure DON'T like to see it by the feet, especially 3 feet of it. As I tried to sleep last night, all I heard throughout the night was snow pellets hitting my window. It was scarier than scary. It kept me up most of the night. Of course I had to go out and take some pictures from time to time. Here is what lovely Nemo decided to dump us overnight, and it's still snowing as we speak. All you see is people trying to walk around in the streets.

Doesn't this look just awesome? Are you one of the lucky ones that have to go out and shovel yourself clean? This sucks for sure!! The roads & highways are all closed. The governor does not want anyone on the road until this mess is cleaned up. There are over 1,000 plow trucks trying to clean this mess up. Did you have somewhere to go today?? If so, then you need to cancel it. It's a lovely day to stay home and sleep, cook, play games & drink some hot cocoa.

Well, I'm heading out to see if I can dig my way out of this mess. It's cold out, the wind is blowing like crazy, it's just raw out. If you don't need to go out then stay home. There are cars all over the roads & highways stuck, and they will be until all this mess gets cleared up. I'd hate to be the one to shovel out some 7 feet of snow to try and find my car. I hope you all have a nice day. Be safe too! Take advantage of Nemo, and do something fun at home today with your family. Somehow I must get to my parents house to check on them. They are getting up there in age, and not the greatest health. I told my dad if kids come by to shovel, let them do it and pay them. It would surely make my feel a bit better knowing that. Have a great day y'all!! I'll have some more pics to post soon of this mess.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weight Watchers® by Conair™ Digital Model: WW58S Scale Review & Giveaway

Are you one that doesn't stick to resolutions each time the New Year comes around when it's dealing with your weight issues? I'm one that has big issues with weight loss. My doctor has been on my case for some time now about losing weight. so this could help my bad back issues. I can't use the baby weight issues any longer, as that has been years ago. Now that the holidays are passed, it is the perfect time to lose some weight.  Thanks to Conair , I received a Weight Watches by Conair Glass Scale model: WW58S. Here is a picture of the beauty that I received below.

I'm not one for scales at all. I don't like looking at them, nor getting on them, and when I'm at the doctors office, I pleasantly refuse most of the times. I know I shouldn't, but I just can't stand to see the number.  The  Weight Watches by Conair Glass Scale model: WW58S is friendly user. yourself.
The sleek, slim silver glass scale has an easy-to-read 1.5” digital display. The scale is 12.4” X 12.4” and has a 400-lb. capacity. The scale runs on one long-life AAA lithium battery (included) and has a 10-year warranty I absolutely love the design of the scale & the inspirational stickers that come with it. This is a plus for me because I'm one that needs all of the motivation I can get. I have issues with food, especially when I'm down in the dumps which seems to be alot lately. The stickers adhere to the glass easily, and you can remove them and change them as you like. I'm one who likes more, so see how I decorated my new scale below.

My favorite stickers were "Whatever you believe You Can achieve", I ♥ Me, one day at a time & You Go Girl!!! Determination is a good one for me also. I have never said this before about a scale, but this scale might be my new friend, as long as it listens to me and drops in The digital numbers can be read easily, and even if you lose a 1/2 pound, you will be able to see it thanks to Conair. The idea of the Weight Watches by Conair Glass Scale model: WW58S is to Inspire, Motivate & Create. It  is available nationwide at stores such as Kmart and Kohl's, as well as at for an average retail price of $29.99.

Weight Watchers® is dedicated to getting you through the winter holidays, too! They encourage you to let loose AND stay on track at the same time. Check out their tips and insider secrets on surviving holiday eating here. As my journey with my weight loss continues, I will change the stickers as needed. If I believe in myself, and have the motivation needed to lose weight, I know I can do it. It will be hard, but can be done. I have to remember to love myself, be determined, and take one day at a time. I think I will maybe weigh myself weekly, or bi weekly. It does no good to step on the scale each day for me.It frustrates me when I see no results.

Thanks to Conair for giving me the chance to review this fine product. How would you like to win one of these for yourself? All you have to do is answer the MANDATORY question in the rafflecopter below. Please include email so I can contact you should you win. You must be 18 to enter. This contest is open to U.S. residents only! Once a winner is chosen, you have 48 hours to confirm. Good Luck To everyone who enters!!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Barbara Walters Hospitalized After Fall

Here's wishing a speedy recovery to one of the greatest Journalists, and best talk show host ever, Barbara Walters. She fell on a stairs tonight and cut her forehead while visiting the British Ambassador’s residence. Barbara was sent to the hospital for observation & is  being kept overnight.

Walters, who is 83, was in D.C. ahead of President Obama's second inauguration. She was scheduled to contribute to ABC News' coverage of the events but will not be on-air Monday, according to TV News. I will miss not seeing you on The View tomorrow Barbara, an of course not seeing you on T.V. as a special correspondent. You are a gift, and one of the finest ladies I know. I adore how you keep your show together, and you know what makes it work. Please get better soon Barbara, so I can see you back on T.V. Your presence will be missed. I hope everything is o.k.!! Whoopi, Joy, Sherri & Elizabeth will hold the fort down for you. Listen to your doctors. Heres'  wishing you a speedy recovery.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Enjoy your weekend

Hello. TGIF . I bet alot of you are so glad it's Friday. I sure am. It's been a tough week for me. I'm caring for someone ill who's close to me, and it's taking every bit of energy I have. I wouldn't have it any other way though. What is on your agenda this weekend? I hear the weather will be nice, but come next week we will be having an Arctic blast. Lovely. Just what my bones need.

Remember the Inauguration coming up on Monday. Will you be watching President Obama get sworn in for the 2d time? I will, and thanking the good lord that it isn't Mitt Romney. Glad all that crap is over. I have always wanted to attend an Inauguration myself, but it's very pricey.I hear that there are tickets on Ebay for $3000. I like the President, but that is a bit steep. I can't wait to see what Michelle will be wearing, and the celebrities that will be performing. You can bet Beyonce & J.Z. will be performing.

I hope you all have a very nice weekend, and do some fun stuff. The ones that are sick with the flue, I hope you return back to normal soon. This illness has been hitting people real hard.Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Soap

Thanks to Influenster for the awesome Palmolive Fresh Infusions Box that I recently received. I received 3 bottles of awesome dish soap, including Lemon Thyme, Lime Basil & Ginger White Tea. I gave the Ginger White Tea to my good friend, and like myself, she loved it. When I purchase dish soap I always look at the price, and it has to have a good smell to it. When I stand at the sink doing dishes which I don't always like to do, I have to have a nice smell while I'm doing them.
I instantly fell in love with this dish soap.  I hate when I have to use a whole bottle of dish soap to get a bit of bubbles with my dishes. This is not the case here. I opened the top & gave on tiny squirt and I have a whole bunch of suds which made me happy. This stuff is awesome and it works phenomenal! Look below at the picture to see for yourself.

See what I mean about the suds. One small squirt for all of this. You can purchase Palmolive Fresh Infusions at Walmart & Target for $2.99 a bottle. There is 16 OZ in each bottle, so I'm positive that this will last a long time in  house. If you can snag a coupon somewhere, you would probably save yourself a $1.00 or ore off each bottle. Look in your local newspaper each week. Target has a great deal  going on now with a bundle pack with all three scents for $8.97. Now that will be awesome if you can snag  a coupon. There are many sites all over the computer that offer coupons.
Thanks to Influenster for sending me this awesome product. I now have a new dish soap that I will be using for a long long time. Th dishes come out spotless, they look clean , and you don't have to rinse them forever to get them clean. The scents are amazing! I mixed all three together just for the heck of it to see what it would smell. It was amazing!! Go out and pick yourself up a bottle or two of this today. You won't regret it one bit at all. Thanks for stopping by to read my review. I'd be happy to hear about how you feel about this product!!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Rockin Cash Giveaway

Welcome to 2013 Folks! Are you ready to start the year off on the right foot? If so, then you are at the right place. How does winning $200 sound to you? Welcome to the New Year’s Rockin’ Cash Giveaway! I’ve teamed up Oh My Gosh Beck!, Shopaholicmommy, GeminiRed Creations and other awesome blogs to give our readers the chance to win $200 Cash this month!

You’ll have the month to complete your entries and don’t forget that there are daily entries as well! The more you enter, the better your chances of winning.

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends January 31st at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck!

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Thanks to the lovely hosts for hosting this fabulous giveaway!  Good Luck to everyone who enters!! Feel free to check out the fabulous giveaways Oh My Gosh Beck has going on at this time!!

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