Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thanks Nemo.. Just What I Wanted

Hey Nemo, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for all of this bull crap snow that you decided to bring us. While snow is nice to see from time to time, I sure DON'T like to see it by the feet, especially 3 feet of it. As I tried to sleep last night, all I heard throughout the night was snow pellets hitting my window. It was scarier than scary. It kept me up most of the night. Of course I had to go out and take some pictures from time to time. Here is what lovely Nemo decided to dump us overnight, and it's still snowing as we speak. All you see is people trying to walk around in the streets.

Doesn't this look just awesome? Are you one of the lucky ones that have to go out and shovel yourself clean? This sucks for sure!! The roads & highways are all closed. The governor does not want anyone on the road until this mess is cleaned up. There are over 1,000 plow trucks trying to clean this mess up. Did you have somewhere to go today?? If so, then you need to cancel it. It's a lovely day to stay home and sleep, cook, play games & drink some hot cocoa.

Well, I'm heading out to see if I can dig my way out of this mess. It's cold out, the wind is blowing like crazy, it's just raw out. If you don't need to go out then stay home. There are cars all over the roads & highways stuck, and they will be until all this mess gets cleared up. I'd hate to be the one to shovel out some 7 feet of snow to try and find my car. I hope you all have a nice day. Be safe too! Take advantage of Nemo, and do something fun at home today with your family. Somehow I must get to my parents house to check on them. They are getting up there in age, and not the greatest health. I told my dad if kids come by to shovel, let them do it and pay them. It would surely make my feel a bit better knowing that. Have a great day y'all!! I'll have some more pics to post soon of this mess.



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