Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who Will Win The Mirror Ball Trophy


I can't believe that the finale is already here tonight. I apologize about not doing my weekly posts like I normally do, but my life has been very busy taking care of an ill family member, which leaves me no time for myself at all. Have you enjoyed watching DWTS this season, and what are your thoughts? I have really enjoyed it. The cast members have been so much fun to watch, and they have really bonded very well. I have really enjoyed watching Jacoby Jones. The talent that man brings to the dance floor each week, and his personality has been a blast. He has worked so hard, and he deserves to be in the finale for sure.

Mark & Ali had been a favorite since the get go. That girl has worked her butt off, and has grown week by week. She has really put herself out there on the dance floor each week, and is a fan favorite if you ask me. I'm so proud of the dancer she has become. Zendaya & Val have been a favorite from the get go. Since week one, she has proven to be one heck of a dancer, and she couldn't be paired with a better partner than Val. I adore the both of them, but I feel as if she has an advantage over the other dancers because of her Hip Hop background. She is great and all, but she already has the background.

Kelly Pickler has had my eye since her first dance. She has come out a bit scared and all, and has given 100% each week to her partner Derek Hough. You couldn't ask for a better dance instructor than Derek. He is the bomb, and one of the best choreographer's I have ever seen. She has put her fear aside, and put herself out there week after week. Derek has taught her how to trust herself and others. I'm extremely proud of the beautiful dancer she has become. Her dances have earned earn tens several times, and she has deserved them. I'm so glad that this is that Kelly & Derek have made it to the finals.

I'm hoping that Kelly & Derek and Mark & Ally end up the final two. Either way who wins will be a great outcome, but I'm hoping that Derek & Kelly take the trophy. Derek needs #4 to add to his collection. I'm so proud of all of the dancers, and how well they have danced this season. I know it's been hard work from the get go. In just a few short hours we will see who will take the trophy. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are this season. All I know is it's going to be a long summer for me without my DWTS. This is by far my all time favorite show for sure. Thanks for stopping by!!


Kim of Impression EMEDIA said...

Everything looks tacky: the set, the costumes, the lighting, the script (one host actually says, "The tension mounts") and above all the dancing, with its tiresome emphasis on tricks over human contact, or the dancing illusion thereof.

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