Friday, November 4, 2011

DWTS Week 7

Here we are already past the half way mark and many great dancers have exited the competition way too early if I must say so. I'm not the judge or anything, but this is a dance competition and great dancers like Kristin Cavaleri & Mark Ballas and Tony Dovolani & Chynna Phillips are gone, and the dancers who are so so are still here, and safe for yet another week. Is this competition based on dancing abilities or popularity? I swear I really would love to know the answer myself. I just don't feel  like it's an honest competition at all.What are your thoughts about this?

Nancy's red hair was amazing, and  so was her costume, but her Jive to "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" was very flat and boring if you ask me. I like Nancy & Tristan, and I give her all the credit in the world for making it this far in the competition.You can tell by the look on her face each week  waiting to find out her fate, as she knows she is there on luck. She has given it her all, but it's time for her to be eliminated.They landed in the bottom two and scored 21 out of 30, and are yet safe for another week again. How is this happening??
Unfortunately David & Kym were sent home this past week. After their Cha Cha earned them a 24, that just wasn't enough as they landed in the bottom two with Nancy & Tristan. I never thouht that Kym & David would be the ones sent home, but they were! Kym is one heck of a dancer and a two time mirror ball champ with Hines Ward and let's not forget the most fabulous Donny Osmond. .I met Kym in person before and she is a doll. She is the sweetest person ever. I loved David and Kym paired together.The actor and performer that David is, he gave the dance his best each week with his all. He was there to learn how to dance, and he grew as a person as he learned alot about himself. He was elegant and graceful as he danced each week. I loved seeing his daughter Coco and Courtney Cox there each week to Cheer him on. David & Kym will be missed. He really brought some laughter to the show with his bubbly personality.Thank you for the fun times David!

Everyone that follows me should know by now who I would like to see win this competition and that is J.R. Martinez & Karina Schmirnoff! They have danced like dynamite each week so far, except for a few missed steps on Halloween Night, but I know they will be in the finale for sure with Derek & Ricky. Another couple who is the one to beat lately is Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke. Here is a clip below of their Tango they danced this past week on Halloween.

This Tango was fantastic and earned them a 25 from the judges. I can't believe that this is the Rob Kardaschian that is Kim's little brother. This guy has come so far each week, and has taken the judges comments to heart, and performed even better the next week. This by far is my favorite dance of Rob & Cheryl. Save a spot in the finale JR & Karina and Derek & Ricki because Mr. Kardashian is working his way right up there. Let's just hope that sister Kimmy(Newlywed Divorce), stays home the next few weeks. Your doing just fine there Rob, and I particularly don't care to see the cameras flashed on them every chance they get. Hopefully the Kardashian clan will stay home and comfort poor woe is me Kimmy.That family, minus Rob make me want to vomit!! Kris Humphries should be lucky that the he is able to get out know while he can. If Rob hasn't shown the world how serious he is, and how well of a dancer he has become , then you must be watching something different than me. He is dancing his way right into the finale, so you go Rob K.

Stay tuned each week as I give my run down after DWTS airs. Don't worry if you missed a show, or part of one, as I will have the pleasure to fill you in. I appreciate all of you who take the time to stop by and always love reading your comments about the show. Feel free to enter my latest giveaways while our here.They are listed on the right hand side of my blog. See y'all next week!! Leave a comment if you'd like.



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