Sunday, December 23, 2012

Remembering The Vicitims Of Sandy Hook School

A bit over a week ago so many life's were changed since the terrible tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newton, CT. It has been terribly painful for me to even talk about it, nor watch it on the news. All of those poor children that lost their life's, and the Teachers & Administrator's trying to protect them, who lost their life also. What has this world come to, and how can we come together as a nation , and stop all of this violence? As the President stated during a new conference "This needs to stop!" I can't even imagine how the families of these victims are coping with such a senseless act of violence. I can't even imagine celebrating Christmas in a few days, knowing that 26 families will be grieving knowing there love ones are not with them.
People have come together from all over the world to show their support for the 26 victims. As painful as it must be to be there, and feel the pain that the community is feeling now, it humbles me to see all of the support that is being shown. I wish I could be there with them, but unfortunately I'm unable to, but each and every one of them are in my mind. The funds set up at Banks, the kindful acts that are being shown from everyone is just amazing to me. The families are asking for privacy at this time, so they can grieve , and that is exactly what they are being given. All of the local news channels are giving them time. Some of the parents have come forward to talk about their loved ones. Emily Parker's father spoke on T.V. the night that this happened. How on earth could one keep it together to speak of a child that was killed? He wanted to show the world how precious of an angel that his daughter was. He was teaching her Portuguese, and she was just the light of his life. They had just moved not too long ago for work. The community was a good one, safe, and the schools were spoken very highly off. Grace MacDonald's parents spoke of her so eloquently also.She was a kind hearted girl, and didn't have one ounce of hate in her body. When I see these faces on T.V., it brings tears to my eyes instantly. These kids and teachers were innocent. Their life's should not have been cut short due to a cowardly maniac.

What can we do to stop all of this violence? Every time you turn the news on, this is all we hear of. Is getting armed security in schools all over the country the answer, or is banning guns in America the answer? I think that as individuals we have to take responsibility for our actions, and our children. I have noticed that some people tend to overlook things. Adam Lanza clearly had issues. I don't know what they were, and I don't know if we ever will, but to do what he did is just sad and pathetic. My heart aches for his family, as they have lost a mother & brother. I think there needs to be a ban put on guns, and it needs the way to get a license for a gun needs to become stricter. I don't own a gun, and I probably never will, but I have been told that you can walk into Walmart and purchase one without a background check. The NRA is saying that guns don't kill people, that people kill people! Well, then what exactly happened in Newtown last week?? A not stable individual walked into the school like a monster, and started shooting at poor innocent kids. The guns belonged to his mother, which I still ask myself each day why would she carry all of them guns with an unstable child with behavioral issues in the house? I guess we will never know. It seems to me that guns are very easy to come by for anyone that wants to get one. I do think that schools need metal detectors, because kids carry knifes & guns to school. It's not just adults. We really need to come together as one, and figure all this out. We should march to Congress and demand that our children's schools become safer. It's a sad day when 26 innocent people lose their lives to violence.
Vicky Soto is a hero. She did everything possible to protect her kids, whom she really called her kids. Her family says how very much she loved being a teacher. She was in school working on her Masters Degree, which she almost done. Vicky looks like a beautiful individual inside and out. Just from looking at her, and hearing the parents say how very they loved her teacher. I bet that she is looking down on her kids that survived and all of the other children of Sandy Hook School smiling. As tragic of an incident it was, she would want her kids to be happy, which they were when they were in her class. What a loss to the school with the amazing Teachers & Principal being gone. I know that they will rebuild, and Sandy Hook will become even stronger than ever.

I can't understand how this crazy act of violence took place, and I probably will never understand. All I know is that I will be praying for all of the families and friends of the victims. Your heroism should never be forgotten! I pray and hope that something good will come of this. I will do everything in my power to voice my opinion about violence & weapons. I will speak, and I will bark if I have to. This needs to stop! What happened to the day when we used our words? They are long gone. Parents need to teach their kids respect. This seems to be lost also. Maybe if we change little things at a time, this will help in the long run. Kids shouldn't be taught violence if something is making them mad. I will pray and keep all of the families in my heart. As I'm about to celebrate Christmas in a few days, My heart will be heavy thinking of you & your family. Try to think of all of the great times you had with your loved ones, and as much as it hurts and pains you, try to hold back the tears. Your angel is smiling down on you from up above, and I mean ANGEL!! Your children our precious little angels, that god has called home. He needed some special individuals, and this is what he got. God Bless you all, and my sincerest sympathy is with you at this very tragic time.

In my thoughts,


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