Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm Scared Out Of My Mind

I'm not sure how to feel right now, but what I'm felling is scared. Scared to death of what Hurricane Irene is going to do to our state. I have been listening to the news it seems like for the last four or five days, and she's coming right our way. I think I'm prepared as much as I could be. I have candles, flashlights, coolers, ice, plenty of water and non perishable items, and a emergency kit where I keep things that are needed. I kind of am expecting the worse with this storm with down power lines, no electricity, trees down, etc. I feel as if it's going to come and do a whamo number on us.

I went to Walmart today to get a couple of small items, and the store was crazy busy. There was absolutely not water, nor batteries to buy. The only place I heard that had them was Ocean State Job Lot, and they were a pretty penny there. I try to stock up on these things when I can because you never know what mother nature has in store for us. It you don't need to go out for any reason, then don't! Going out into a storm of this nature is plain old stupid, and your asking for trouble. Try to keep an eye on the elderly folks nearby if you can. I know I will be checking on my neighbors. They are both almost 90 years old, so I will keep an eye on them. That is how I roll!!

I hope everyday stays as safe as possible during Hurricane Irene, and remember that it will pass. It might leave some destruction but it will pass. I feel a bit better now that I have vented a bit. I just need to sit down, relax, take some deep breathes, and pop a Zanax!! Now that will surely help me with my anxiety!! I'll love to hear your comments if you have any advice, or tips on what to do, and not do during a Hurricane. Whatever you do, if you have a telephone car charger, and your call phone dies, do not go out to charge it in the garage and sit in the car. This could be dangerous, as trees will come down. I shut my cell phone off most of the time, and use it as I need it. Now the laptop will be another story!! I will panic when that dies out too!! Enjoy your evening, and be safe and sound! God loves you and so do I !! Thanks for stopping by!!


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