Friday, July 15, 2011

Having Fun In The Sun

Are you having fun this summer, going to the beach, or swimming in your pool? I don't know about you, but on a day like today when it's hot and humid in the 90's, there is nothing better to do than to swim, and have a nice cold drink in your hand. Dealers choice that is.. A nice frozen mudslide would make me happy for starters. How has your summer gone so far? Mine has gone o.k., but I have yet to go swimming anywhere and I'm really itching bad for it. My fun time in the sun would be , to be on vacation somewhere where there is sun and gorgeous water, and or pool. Nothing better than to be on vacation away from all the daily hustle and bustle, and to be relaxing and enjoying every darn minute of it. Here is a perfect example of my dream vacation below:

Looks pretty awesome doesn't it? I can picture myself right now swimming in that gorgeous larger than life pool. It is at a resort in Mexico. Not too shabby !! One thing that has been on my mind quite often lately is all of the drownings and deaths to swimming. That is all I have heard on the news in the last two weeks, and it has been adults and kids swimming in pools and lakes. Whatever the case is, if you have a child, and or a friend and you are out somewhere swimming, and if you think it's probably not the smartest thing to do like go swimming where it says not to, then please don't. They put these signs up for that very reason, because it is dangerous !! Also, if you have kids, and you go to the beach with them, do NOT take your eye off them for one minute, as that is all it takes for water to take you under. If you have a pool at home, make sure it is locked, or if your out there and need to run in, take your kid with you, and lock it. You might have next door neighbor kids that might want to be curious. It's called common sense, which not every one uses it. Too many tragedies take place each summer that could have been prevented. This don't have to happen! Taking a Basic CPR class wouldn't hurt one at all. You never know where you could be, when someone might need your help.

Whatever you have planned this summer, I hope you have a blast, just be safe first of all, and have fun . If you have a boat or a jet ski and you plan on going out on it, remember not to drink and drive. Machinery & Alcohol do not mix ,and takes lives. I say this because I care, and it kills me each time I hear of an accident on the news, one that could have been prevented. Don't forget to bring your sunscreen along. The higher the SPF, the better it is for your skin. Protect your skin from the rays!! Where ever you go, and whatever you do, I wish you all a happy, healthy & safe fun filled summer season. God Bless you all!!




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