Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Hot Hot Out !!!

I just walked outside for the first time today and I could barely breath. It is about 100 degrees outside today, and such humidity too. I think I will stay inside in the cool air whatever I do. I bet the beaches are packed line sardines today. I hope that you use your SPF sunscreen while your there. The higher the # the better off for your skin. We know that sun cause cause skin cancer. Last summer I got the most painful sunburn ever. It was so darn hard to sleep, and I had to keep applying Aloe Vera gel on it all night.

What do you do for sunburn? Do you know any remedies for sunburn besides Aloe Vera? I think it works, but it's definitely for short term. Leave me a comment if you know of anything else to use. There still is alot of summer left. I can't believe that July just flew by. Where on earth did it go? I'm desperately wanting to run away somewhere where there is sand & sun, and no phones at all!!! Do you have any suggestions for me?

If your at the beach with your little ones, please keep an extra eye on them , as it only takes one second to disappear.I have heard of way to many drownings this summer, young kids, older kids and adults. Water activities need to be supervised well. I have drawn a winner for my 500 GFC giveaway, and I'm waiting for her response back. I will let you know who the winner is soon. I had a great turnout for this giveaway. I will do one like this again soon. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to check out my giveaways while your here.

Enjoy your day!!


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