Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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I came across this clever post over at Boobies, Babies & Blog. It's called Fauk You Friday. I'm a day late but I had to jump in on this one. Fauk You Friday is hosted each week by Boobies, Babies & Blog, and Christy @ My Mad Mind. There are no rules to post. All you have to do is tell everyone what Fawked You Up this week! Grab the code from Boobies, Babies & Blog and start Fauking.  Easy Peasey right?? I have a few things that Fauked Me Up this past week, so here they are:

Fawk You Mr. Governor for raising taxes so much that I need a second job just to pay for them. Thanks for making it very tough to survive.

Fawk You to the cable company that keeps raising the price of cable television. Isn't $200 a month enough?

Fawk You to the people who keep raising the prices of gas. I can't afford to drive as it is, so Fawk You for making it tough for all of us!!

Fawk You to the Bitch at my local convenience store who is such a snotty bitch each time I go get my coffee. If You don't like your job, then stay home. I don't deserve your rudeness each and every day, so Fawk You!!

Fawk You to my neighbor who walks around like a cow, and loves to slam doors all the time. Did you forget that you had someone living under you? Don't be so Fauking rude all the time!!

And last but not least Fauk You to all the ignorant drivers out there that are in so much of a Fauking hurry, that they need to cut you off to get some where faster. Get the Fauk off the phone, and pay attention. I happen to love my family and want them save, so stay the Fauk off the phone, and drive safely you idiot!

That is all for now with my Fauk You Friday. I just might have to do this more often, as it felt so wonderful to vent a bit. I hope everyone had a lovely Fawking Friday!! Thanks to the ladies who came up with this clever idea. You guys rock!! I hope to do this more often. How about Fauk You Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on?? Enjoy your weekend ladies!!




Mad Mind said...

Ha! I have the same reaction to other drivers! They are rude and don't take into consideration anyone else on the road.

I'm so glad you found our little hop. Welcome and hope we'll see you again.

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