Monday, October 11, 2010

My favorite night of the week DWTS night!

It's here, that is my favorite night of the week, and my favorite show too, Dancing With The Stars on ABC at 8p.m. So, who is your favorite, or do you have one? I have a couple this year, but who I'd like to see win this season would be Tony Dovolani & Audrina Patridge. Tony has been on many seasons, I think just about everyone thus far, and has made it to the finals, but didn't win. He has a good partner this season, and they were the first couple to score a 9 on DWTS last week, so hopefully they will grab the first 10 too.

Another favorite of mine this season is Lacey Schwimmer & Kyle Massey. This is Lacey's third or fourth season on DWTS, and has yet to win herself, even though the season when she was paired up with Lance, I thought might be her year. Kyle brings so much to the dance floor , and people just love him. He always seems to get a standing ovation each week, and he has an awesome teacher. Lacey will be strict with him when needed. I hope they make it to the finals. That would be so awesome. Anna & Kurt Warner are heating up the dance floor too. I can't wait to see him do the jive, the lindy hop, and the group dance, as I know he will be in the finals.As long as they get past week six, then they will be in the group dance. He is one perfect dancer, and has the best teacher. I don't know if I could teach someone that gorgeous, and look him in the face at the same We will see very shortly. Let me know who you like, or what you think of the show, and the hosts and judges this year?

Kelly (Sarafan2)


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