Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Week 3

Week 3 on Dancing With The Stars has come and gone, I was interrupted with phone calls during the show, so I did miss a bit here and there. My friends and family know my rule, don't call on Monday between 8p.m. -10:00p.m., unless it's With The Stars is really heating up,and the talent is really starting to come out.

Each week I'm really surprised to see the dance that Florence(Mrs. Brady)& Corky do. She's a 76 year old lady,and she knows how to shake what her momma gave her.Of course when she dedicated her dance to her late husband, well, that brought tears to my eyes. I hope to see Corky & Florence around for weeks to come. Corky is a talented dancer, who taught Mark Ballas, and Derek Hough how to dance.I love Corky!

Karina and The Situation are really stepping it up. The first two weeks I didn't see much from him, but this past dance, he has really stepped up his game. I love the way Karina choreographed that dance. It was so awesome watching them dance to the theme into the future. Anyone that can bend over like Karina, in the pic on the left, what can't she do? I hope they stay in the competition for awhile. I don't see them winning.

Lastly, the couple who went home on week 3 was Margaret Cho & Loius VanAmstel. I really liked them two being paired up. On week one, I wasn't too thrilled with their dance, but the first time, what do you expect? Week 2, Margaret came out and shook her booty , and her scores had improved. I couldn't believe how much improvement she had compared to week 1. Her last dance was just alright, and the voters were not there for them. I enjoyed seeing her parents in the audience each week. They were so happy to see her. The smiles on their face was evident.

When Margaret & Louis were eliminated, and brought down to talk with the judges, Margaret was sad to leave. She couldn't hold back her tears, and neither could I! Louis told her that he loved her, and she had s friend for life. How sweet! Maybe next year will be your year Louis. You are a talented dancer, and I would like to see you win, that is after I see Tony Dovolani and Audrina Patridge win, then it will be Maxx's turn. He has danced many seasons, made it to the finals, and then eliminated. His day will come soon. The first 9 was giving to Audrina & Tony. Yeah!!! They deserved it. They came out and danced so well, and it was touching to watch. So, who do you think will get the first 10, will it be Derek & Jennifer, Maxx & Brandy, Tony & Audrina, or Lacey & Kyle? I'm hoping that it's Tony & Audrina. I hope everyone is having a great time watching the show this season. Monday can't get here quick enough for me. Thank you to DWTS for bringing so much enjoyment into my life!!

Until next time,



Natalie A. said...

I haven't been able to watch Dancing with the Stars very well this season. I see bits and piece's! Great post for the people who are big fans! Have a great day and thanks for all of your kind comments on my site!

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