Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Week 4

Week 4 has come and gone already. I'm a bit late posting this week, so I apologize for this. Back in the number one spot this week are Derek Hough & Jennifer Grey.Derek & Jennifer danced to the Argentine Tango, and was the first couple on the show to receive a ten from the judges. They ended up with a total score of 29. Crabby old Len didn't feel like taking his ten paddle out.

Derek & Jennifer have danced amazing each week so far. I guess the dancing experience is paying off for her. I don't know how Derek manages to get such great partners each season, but he does. The last seven seasons or so, he has had a talented partner, and ended up grabbing the mirror ball with Shawn Johnson & Kristi Yamagucci. Let's see if Tony & Audrina take back the top spot after week 5. I sure hope so.

Did you see Corky & Florence dance to the Rumba this week? OMG, they were Rumbalicious!! Florence is one heck of a graceful & energetic dancer for her age. For 76 years old, she can move those hips and legs. I didn't think that they would be around this long, but I'm glad for them. I'm glad to actually see Corky stay around for awhile. The way Florence moved across the dance floor was amazing. She is alot older than me, and I couldn't even dance like that, so Kudos to Florence for dancing so well, and Corky for being the great teacher he is. I sure would like to see them do the Jive or Quick Step. I love seeing the dancers do those fast step dances. Plan on seeing Florence & Corky for at least another week or so.

Karina & "The Situation" danced to the Tango, and while the judges gave them low scores, which he was a bit upset with, he exited the show gracefully. I thought he actually gave it his all. I can tell that he was putting everything into this competition, and wanted to be there. I would have liked to see him and Karina stick around awhile longer, to see what he might bring to the dance floor. I never really watched his show Jersey Shore, as I didn't care for it at all, but he brought fun to the show,and some good laughs for the audience. If anyone should have gone home, I think it should have been Bristol & Mark. She just doesn't seem to have the rhythm when she is dancing at all, nor does she have any facial expression.

Week 5 is tomorrow night, and I can't wait to see my favorite show DWTS. I'd like to see Kurt Warner bring his game to the dance floor tomorrow night with Anna. He started out very well on the show and appeared he very well could be a front runner. Let's see what Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke bring to the dance floor also. Rick dances pretty well with Cheryl, but he's so much taller than her, so this might be tough for him. Cheryl is a pro, and a teacher who doesn't take no for an answer. She wants to be in the finals. I can't wait to see Kyle & Lacey dance tomorrow. I thought they got robbed last week with their scores. Kyle dances each week with such grace and enthusiasm that he makes the audience want to see him come back for more. I still can't get used to Lacy being blonde. I like her much better with darker hair.Whatever color Lacy has, she still is a very good dancer and is having a heck of a time with Kyle.

AT this point it's pretty clear that Derek & Jennifer will be in the finals. Didn't the same thing happen last year with Nicole Sherzinger? The answer is YES! I didn't even want to watch the show last season as I knew who would be winning. I also would like to see Tony & Audrina, and Maks & Brandy, and of course Kurt and Anna! Anna almost grabbed that mirror ball last year. She and her partner Evan Lysacek danced great together. I'm so happy for Tony, as he has a great dancing partner this year, and he is hearing good vibes from people, and not negative vibes like last year with Kate Gosselin. Tony & Maks are also best friends, so this would be awesome for the both of them to make it to the finals, and it's o.k. with me if they want to dance with their shirts off. lol. Enjoy the show today, and I'll be back after Tuesday to give my thoughts on the show again. Who would you like to see win Dancing With The Stars season 11? Let me know with a comment below. Thanks.

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