Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Thoughts On Dancing With The Stars

My favorite show has finally returned on Monday nights. I counted down the weeks, then days until this show returned. I am a huge fan of Dancing With The Stars, and would someday love to get a chance to be there in person watching them dance, That is a dream of mine that I hope comes true!

Week 1 has passed and I was quite impressed with all of the dancers. I really saw alot of talent, and it is way to early to say who is the front runner. A favorite of mine that I have liked for years now is Tony Dovolani. He has danced for many seasons now, and has yet to win the mirror ball trophy. He has made it to the semi finals with his partners, but was eliminated . This is his year to win!

Tony is paired up with Audrina Partridge this year. Audrina is from the show " The Hills". They did pretty good in their first dance. Audrina seems to have the potential to dance very well, so we will see. I hope Tony pushes her as much as he can. I really believe that this will be Tony's year to finally win the mirror ball trophy. We will see won't we?

Another favorite of mine is Chelsea Hightower and Michael Bolton. How lucky of Chelsea to be paired up with such a hot man, and with a drop dead gorgeous voice. I have been a huge fan of Michael Bolton for many years now. I was in love with him when he had his long hair. When he cut his hair off I was shocked! What a gorgeous man he was, short or long, I loved him either way. I sure hope he sings on the show this season. That would be awesome to see the stars dance to "When A Man Loves A Woman". We will see if this happens. I'm sure to boost the ratings for ABC that this will happen.

When I saw Chelsea & Michael dance the first time, I thought they did okay. I was pretty impressed, but the judges are the ones who score them, and they weren't so impressed by their comments. They told him that he was real stiff, that he needed to loosen up, so we will see come week two if he has taken the judges and Chelsea's advice. I really like Chelsea Hightower. She is a beautiful , talented young dancer,who can strut her stuff. I loved her on the season when she danced with Tye Murray, Jewel's husband. I'm pretty sure she made it to the finals that year. I'm guessing that Chelsea and Michael will be around for quite a few weeks. I know he has fans all over the world, and I'm sure Chelsea has quite the following herself. They definitely have my votes all the way!

More favorites of mine this season are Lacey Schwimmer and Kyle Massey. Lacey is a darn great dancer, and Kyle( aka Corey), after watching him dance the first time, man does that kid have some talent! I was so darn impressed with him.
The first week out dancing and they scored a 23. I was hoping that they would stay in first place too, but no , Derek & Jennifer had to dance their way up to the top. While I love Derek as a dancer, I mean he is a two time Mirror Ball winner, and always gets paired up with the best partners who can dance each season.
I would just for once like to see someone else win that really deserves to like Tony, Maxx, Karina, Anna, Chelsea, Lacey, any of these guys deserve to win, and it would be nice for a change to see someone who hasn't won win. That is just my opinion. Derek & Jennifer's dance for the first time was just beautiful, and such a great tribute to the late Patrick Swayze. Carrie Ann Inaba wasn't the only one with tears in her eyes. I joined her.

While I was very sad to see Lacey and Kyle still standing at the end of the show on the verge of being eliminated, but thank goodness they were safe. I voted like crazy for the blonde beauty(Lacey) ,and the actor turned dancer(Kyle Massey), this just goes to show that no one is SAFE!!

The bad part comes each Tuesday when one of the couples has to be eliminated. Week 1, Kym Johnson & The Hoff were eliminated. This was a huge surprise to everyone watching. Kym is a mirror ball champion, very talented , and one heck of a sexy dancer, and David Hasselhoff (The Baywatch Babe), and the sexiest guy on this planet, were leaving the show after weeks of rehearsal and one dance in front of millions of viewers. This goes to show that if you want to keep your favorite dancer or dancers on the show, then you need to VOTE! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the mailman if you wish, but vote, vote ,vote!!!

I hope this is a very exciting season with not too much drama like last season, no injuries , and just great dancing all season long. Who do you think will get the first 10 of the season? Most seasons it's Derek, but I'm thinking this season it will be Tony or Maxx. They both have great partners who can shake their booty. I just hope that Brandy can handle her emotions a little better in the upcoming weeks. Maxx needs to give her the chill pill for now! You don't become a pro overnight Brandy!

Enjoy the upcoming weeks of dancing , and leave me your comments about who you like this season, and who you think will win? Until next time!! Adios!!



Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog. I've always loved Tony (he's my favorite pro), so I'm thrilled he has suchg a great partner this season. I really hope he'll make it to the finals, and win!

Kimberly said...

I love DWTS too. I think my favorite is Jennifer Grey :-) Great review. Following you from Mckmama's blog're welcome to stop by my blog anytime...nice to meet you!!! ~Kimberly

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