Saturday, September 4, 2010

Have A Great Labor Day Weekend !!

I hope you all have a happy, safe & fun Labor Day Weekend !!! Do you have any plans , are you doing anything fun for the weekend?? I will be going to a picnic on Sunday, and celebrating another year older. Yee Ha!! Lucky me!! If you drink this weekend, be responsible and designate a driver. Many people lose their lives each year due to unfortunate car accidents which could have been prevented.

Just two days ago nearby my home a 22 year veteran state trooper was doing a routine traffic stop on the high way, and while he went back to his cruiser to do his paperwork, he was hit from a oncoming truck who lost control, and slammed into his cruiser. The trooper lost his life in this tragic accident. The two people who were in the truck that hit him were severely injured.The driver that was pulled over walked away without a scratch. The local news stations were saying on television that the driver of the truck had numerous infractions against his drivers license, including multiple DWI's within years. A family lost their father, a wife lost her partner because of this tragic accident which could have been prevented! My prayers go out to troopers family, friends & colleagues.

Be safe & smart this weekend, and have some fun in the sun!! Before we know it snow will be here so enjoy your weekend!!



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