Thursday, September 30, 2010

DWTS Week 2

Week 2 has come and gone on Dancing With The Stars and I hated to see Michael Bolton & Chelsea Hightower leave so soon even though they had a low score. I figured that the fans voting would keep them in the game for awhile, but I was wrong. I had never in my life seen anyone who danced receive a 3, and to be ridiculed in front of millions of people was so uncalled for.

Michael was paired up with one heck of a dancer. Chelsea has so much talent, but as much as she taught Michael, it just didn't seem to sink in. Michale was very stiff as he danced. I give him all the credit in the world for going out and giving it a shot, and all the grueling training that comes with it, and to be touring on top of it was just too much for him it seemed. I was glad that Michael stated that he deserved an apology from Bruno for his disrespectful comments because it wasn't right. To tell someone that you had just danced the worst in all the seasons was just uncalled for. I do agree with Len about giving some positive feedback to each dancer. I do see that in him each week. Kudos to you both for giving it all you had.

Kyle & Lacey are one of my favorite couples this season. They are both so young and vibrant. I'm not sure exactly how old he is, but I know he's about 19 or so. He comes out each week, and gives it his best. He has one heck of a partner too. The blonde this season, Lacey is a great dancer. I fell in love with her when she danced with Lance Bass. For carrying a few extra pounds around Kyle can dance, and I see them progressing each week. I bet he keeps the cast on their feet each week. His cheeseburger remark had me laughing so hard.

Then there's Anna & Kurt. Anna has been lucky enough to have great dancing partners for the last few years. I think she should have won last year with Evan Lysacek but didn't. How on earth did she get such a handsome partner? I'm sure she isn't complaining, but then her husband Jonathan Roberts is mighty fine himself. Kurt has come out two weeks in a row with a very solid dance routine. You can tell that he is a winner, and he is in this to win it. I can't wait as each week goes by so I can see him, and of course watch how he progresses each week. Anna is a very good teacher, and her moves are very sharp. I love the routines she comes up with each week.

Lastly , my favorite in this competition to win are Tony Dovolani & Audrina Patridge. Tony has been on this show I think for about nine seasons now, and has yet to win the mirror ball trophy. He has made it to the finals a few times, but hasn't snagged the trophy. I thought for sure on season nine when he danced with Melissa Rycroft, that would have been his year, but Mark Ballas and Shawn Johnson ended up winning. The buzz all over the Internet and T.V. is that Derek Hough & Jennifer Gray will win this season, and I hear that is what has been leaked out by Reality Steve, but we will have to wait and see.

I have nothing against Derek. He is a Hough, and they are darn good dancers, but it seems each season that he gets paired up with someone with experience, like Nicole Sherzinger on last season, and basically you knew each week who would win, and the judges had their favorite which was Derek and Nicole. Let's hope this season that things will be different, as I said earlier that this is Tony's season to win! My guess for the final three couples dancing are Derek & Jennifer, Tony & Audrina, and Anna & Kurt. We will see what happens. Dancing With The Stars airs each Monday at 8:00p.m. on ABC, and the elimination is on Tuesday at 9:00p.m., on ABC. Good luck to all of the great couples this season.

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