Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today Is The Day.. Get Out And Vote!!

I can't believe this day has finally come. It seems like the constant bickering, bad campaign ads, not so great debates on television, phone calls & constant junk mail is finally coming to an end!! Thank god is all I have to say!! I went to bed last night feeling good about today. Today I will go out and vote for the person that I think would better run this country, the person that I feel like I could trust, the person that doesn't beat around the bush, the person that will give this country his all! This has been one of the toughest campaigns that I , and millions of others have had to watch day after day for the last year or more. The nonsense, the name calling between all parties including Senators, Congressmen , and Presidential Candidates has been truly atrocious! I have never in my life as long as I can remember, ever seen election campaigns like this.

One that really stuck out for me is between Congressman Chris Murphy & Linda Mc Mahon, who wants to oust Chris from his seat. These two have been attacking each other for months, and have been down and dirty. I don't even feel the need to vote for either of them. Linda Mc Mahon is not a person that I feel like I could trust at all, and I'm not happy with her opponent Chris Murphy either.

If your one of those who haven't made your mind up on who your voting for, keep these facts in mind between President Obama & Mitt Romney :

What President Obama has done:

  ~Inherited a economic mess, then with the help of congress (they did do something in the last 4 years) got the economy out of free fall and stabilized.

 ~Brought our troops home from Iraq

 ~Raised fuel economy standards so that we are less reliant on oil from the people who don't like us.

 ~Unlike Iraq, worked with our European allies to form a coalition for a

    no-fly zone in Libya

~Hastened the fall of Ghadaffi, without any US troops on the ground and no one troop lost.

 ~Influenced the fall of Mubarak, without making enemies with the Egyptian opposition.

 ~Made the call to kill the Somali pirates holding a US hostage, remember?

 ~Bringing health care to uninsured American who otherwise go to the emergency room and continue to drive up health care costs (we are paying for these people one why or another)

 ~Tried to work with a do nothing Congress lead by Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor and tea party ideology.

~ Oh yah, made the call to kill Osama bin Laden and dump his body into the sea.

  Romney supporters:

  ~Romney has changed his position every other week.

  ~Romney has not released his tax returns.

  ~Romney hides money in 9 different offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes on it.

  ~Romney has clearly stated behind closed doors that half the country is lazy moochers.

  ~Romney has written off nearly 50% of the country as "victims."

  ~Romney headed Bain, who FIRED American workers and sent jobs overseas, so he
   could profit by millions!

  ~Romney has LIED throughout his campaign.

  ~ Romney has Flip Flopped continuously throughout the campaign.

  ~Romney has not provided any specific details of his policies and 5 trillion $ tax plan.

  ~ Romney has stated he would CUT the affordable health care act on day one.

  ~Romney has stated he would DEFUND Planned Parenthood.

  ~Romney has endorsed the Murdoch, who stated that pregnancy from rape is God's will.

  ~Romney did not endorse the Lilly Lead better act for equal pay for women.

  ~ Romney said nothing when Limbaugh called Sandra f,u,c,k a SL**T on national airwaves.

  ~Romney wanted the Auto Industry to FAIL and said "Let em' go bankrupt."

  ~Romney stated that we should not stop foreclosures, but let Americans default.

  ~Romney has stated that he would not let the Bush tax cuts expire for the super wealthy.

  ~Romney did not ONCE acknowledge or even mention our veterans at his convention.

 ~ Romney is hiding the details of this tax policies until AFTER the election.

  ~Romney's math just simply does NOT add up, according to Economists.

  ~Romney is another out of touch, rich guy who thinks he's "entitled" to Presidency,
   because of his wealth.

  ~Romney works for only the wealthy and cares nothing about struggling middle-class Americans.
    Romney is bad for the country.
Today is the day to move Forward!! Today is the day that I will vote to reelect Barack Obama !! I will put my faith in him for another four years. He inherited quite the mess from The Busch Administration, and tried to do his best. I will give him another chance to straighten this country out, to get the spending under control, to get millions of American's their jobs back, or find new ones, and to improve the Health care system. Millions of American's  who worked all their life have no insurance, and can't afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy their prescriptions to keep them alive, yet some who don't work can get it for free?? Something has to change with this.
Whatever choice you make today is an important one. Get out to vote. Don't have that attitude as some do about voting. Remember 8 years ago with Busch & Al Gore, when we didn't have a President Elect for it seemed like ever. I had never in my life seen a race so close. I still say the country would have done much better with Al Gore as President.  May the best man win today! Good Luck to all who are running, and God Bless America!!


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