Sunday, November 11, 2012

Evangers Pet Food Review

Until recently, I had never heard of Evanger's Pet food before. The fine folks at Evanger's , located in Wheeling, IL., were kind enough to let me review their Cat Food on my blog. I was sent the Grain Free Meat Lovers Medley with Rabbit Dry Food & several different cans of wet food. I also received some coupons  and a great calendar. I have always stuck with the same pet food for my cats, so this was going to be the first time that I had tried anything new with them. I have one cat that is very picky at what I feed her also, so I'm a bit leary on how she will accept a new food.

Evanger's came to life in 1935, when Fred  Evanger was making pure meat canned foods at his kennels because he felt that his champion Great Danes required superior nutrition in order to to prevent any dietary deficiencies. In 2002,hand packed wet food was developed for Fred's dog Yukon. Yukon had always liked what his owner's were eating, so they decided to pack steak in a can, and cook it, and Yukon fell in love with it. Evanger's has been proudly owned for 75+ years, and is sold in pet shops all over the world. The quality of the food is the utmost importance, along with customer service.

My cat loved the wet cat food in the can, especially the Organic Turkey & Butternut Squash Dinner, As I opened the can, I was thinking how much I like turkey & squash on Thanksgiving, so why wouldn't my cat?? She didn't waste no time in chowing down on it either. The ingredients are organic, and good for all aged cats. Evanger's carry a line of Grain Free game meats which are 100% meat, and come in 6 oz & 13 oz pop top cans, depending on how much you feed your cats each day.
Evanger's  developed the Signature Series featuring Cuts in Gravy to celebrate 75 years of manufacturing quality pet food. The ingredients that were avoided were  meat by-products, wheat gluten, blood plasma, grains, and binding agents. There are no artificial colors or preservatives in the food either. Evanger's also carries an all natural line of pet treats for your dog and cat. They range from Buffalo, Pheasant, to Chicken & Venison. What animal wouldn't love these scrumptious tasting treats?

Evanger's  can be purchased at over 5,000 retailers in the U.S. & Canada. You can find a store close to you by clicking here. You can also find a list of the events happening in your area here. If your looking into trying something new & healthy for your cat or dog, than you have found the right place with Evanger's. My cat's were thrilled with the  Grain Free Meat Lover's Medley With Rabbit Food. I thought the color might have thrown them off a bit, as this is a much darker color, but that was not so. They dove right into it the medley of delicious meats, fruits & vegetables. This formula contains probiotics to support healthy immune and digestive systems, as well as flax seed and omegas 3 and 6 for healthy joint, skin, and coat, for all breeds and all life stages.
Thanks to the folks at Evanger's for giving me the chance to review such fine pet food for my cat's. My cat's were delightfully happy with the new line of food that I introduced them to. I'm happy to say that I would highly recommend Evanger's to anyone with cat's or dog's. If you want your animals to eat healthy tasting morsels, then you have found that with Evanger's. The prices are very reasonable too. Feel free to follow Evanger's on FB and follow on Twitter. Have you ever tried Evanger's before, and if so, I'd love to hear what your thoughts are about their pet food. Thanks so much for stopping by.



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