Saturday, November 24, 2012

Did You Score Some Deals On Black Friday??

How did you do on Black Friday shopping? Did you score any great deals? My shopping trip was kind of short and sweet this year, as I was pretty tired from Thanksgiving! Normally I go out to Kohl's, but I didn't this year. There was nothing that I really needed there, and my feet weren't up to all of that standing in line inside, and out. I did go to Walmart to pick up a few things, and I wasn't planning on going there after the foolishness that I put up with last year.  I did give it another chance though, and things seemed to be in pretty good order there, with police officers around the store inside and out.

Once it turned 8 p.m. people went nuts, and it seemed to be towards the big items. All I wanted to get was a Vacuum, and this real soft Velour Blanket & a pillow, which I got, and went right up to the register, and paid for. I was quick, I knew what I wanted, and ten I was on my way home. My friend who was shopping at Toys R Us had been standing for hours out in the cold, so she could score some great deals on toys for her grand kids. They also ave the first 250 people in line a free bag of toys valued up to $30 which was sweet of them. She wanted me to drive and meet her for the midnight sales, but my body was up for it this year. I also scored some great deals at Bath & Body with their buy 3, get 3 deal, and with a $40 purchase, I was able to purchase their 2012 VIP Bag, which had over $100 in items inside. Now that was a great deal. You could also stack coupons towards your purchase,like $10 off $30.

What did you happen to score on Black Friday that was a great deal? I know that T.V.'s were on sale like crazy. I saw 32" Televisions on safe for $97 and up. I paid hundreds for mine years ago, so now the price drops down.Did you get and good deals on toys for the kiddos, or  grand kids? I hope you had a blast shopping, and now you are all rested up. I know how very tiring this can be on ones body. I can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner. It's actually pretty scary when you think of it. Are you going anywhere different this Christmas? I'm not. I'm celebrating with my parents and family. My mom is sick, so I'm hoping that this Christmas is an enjoyable one with her. Here is something to try to get you into the Christmas spirit. If you love the Gangnam Style dance by PSY, then click here.

Happy Holidays Folks,


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