Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Did You Think Of DWTS Lasnight??

What did you think of  DWTS All Stars last night? Do you think the right person was sent home, and what are your feelings about these cast members? I have said it before, and I'll say it again, to put someone like Bristol Palin, or Pamela  Anderson into this competition comparing them to the other contestants is just not right at all. We are talking about mirror ball winners & runner ups. I was shocked to see how poorly Pam did, compared to how far she got on her season with Louis. I remember that she got good at dancing, and stayed in the competition for quite some time. I felt sorry to see her go, but it was her or the Palin chick. I will be very sad if someone like Helio or Apollo goes home considering they are both Mirror Ball Champs.
I'm not at all thrilled with the new point system either. The half points are stupid, and make no sense. Those judges have their favorites, and we all know one of the favorites will win the competition. Good old Len hasn't changed a bit has he? He was grumpier and nastier than ever on opening night. I wish he would go away for good, or better yet, come out and show us how he dances, and we will let Maksim judge him. I'm so sick of his nasty comments, and Carrie Ann's stupid "Booty" comments. She needs to act appropriately!
Did you see enough of the Palin's last night? I swear they showed Sara almost ten times or so. Seeing her once was enough for me! Her & her kid really need to go back home where they belong! I cant stand seeing or hearing anything of the Palin's. The only reason that Bristol is on the show is for ratings.We all know how far ABC will go to boost their ratings. They will stop at nothing to see their ratings sky rocket. I can almost imagine of what will come for rest of the season ahead. I will be happy when I see NO more Palin's!! I'm not a fan at all.
I'm of course a huge Tony Dovolani & Melissa Rycroft fan. If you watch each season, then you know that Tony has always got sent home way too early, and has yet to win. He is a darn good dancer, and has worked so hard each season to fall short. This is his season to win! He has the beautiful Melissa Rycroft as his partner. They have already danced together, so they have good chemistry. I couldn't believe their first dance. Melissa came out with a bang, and danced perfectly with such fluidity, and she ended with a bang! Her lines were sort of perfect. As the judge told her, that she needed to stay in hold for a bit longer with Tony. I believe they will be in the competition for quite some time. I can't wait to see her do the Quick Step & The Jive. Let's all pull together and help them stay in this competition for a long time, and get into the finals. I would appreciate your support. Their # is 1-800-868-3406.  Kelly & Val, Cheryl & Emmit, and Helio & Chelsea will be the ones to watch out or this season. We will see what happens each Monday. Don't forget to vote. Help spread the word too. I'm sure  Tony & Melissa will appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by!



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