Thursday, September 13, 2012

X Factor Is The Show To Watch

Did you happen to watch the premiere of The X Factor last night?If you answered no to this, then you sure are missing out on one AWESOME show. Not only is it a show where you see some very talented singers, there are a few wackos here and there. If there weren't a few wing nuts here and there, then the shows ratings wouldn't be through the roof like they were lastight. From what I read, I understand that The X Factor killed The Voice in ratings. Don't you just hate it when more than one of your favorite shows are on the same night & time? I hate it so much!!

After last season, Simon cleaned house with the judges & the nasty host named Steve. I couldn't stand that guy, nor Nicole Sherzinger. She wasn't fit for the job at all. She could not give constructive criticism at all, and she did not like to break the bad news to contestants, which is what she exactly was hired to do so. I happen  love the new judges this season. While I still don't understand why Simon let Paula go, after she was good friends with him, I do understand why he made the choices he did.

Simon Cowell is a genius! He is a very smart and knowledgeable guy. He surely knows the industry very well,and he knows how it works & what makes it works. While some might have thought he was a bit obnoxious on American Idol, I enjoyed his comments, and appreciated him being very straightforward & to the point. If he thinks you deserve a chance he will go out of his way or you to get that. Look at last season when he went back for Melanie Amaro,after he sent her packing. He knew he made a mistake, and he went and brought her back, and not only did she soar through the competition, she also was the winner, and took home $5 million dollars & recording contract.

I think this season is going to be great. I was a bit unclear in the beginning a to why he would want Demi Lovato & Brittney Spears, but I know now why Those two are stars, and have a huge,very huge following. LA Reid, is also the best f the best in the business, and the CEO of Epic Records Between Simon & LA, they an spot a star far away, and they jump on it when they do. I never realize that Demi Lovato was only 19 years old I thought maybe 25 or 26. She is very mature for her age, and comes across as a very fair judge who gives constructive criticism, minus telling every contestant they are cute. Ewww... Brittney came across as  very smart & sassy judge too. She surely doesn't beat around the bush, and she said that she would want to be told how to improve, if she was auditioning. Some of her faces are a bit awkward, but she is one heck of an addition to the show. I really anticipate ratings through the roof this season. I think all of the judges get along well, and will work well together. Simon showed last night that he is the soft & caring side to Demi.

It seems that The X Factor has got off to a great start this season, but as we all know of the rumors going around that Khloe Kardashian Odom might be the new host on the show. What the hell is Simon thinking? Leave well enough alone Simon. He said last night on the show that he will be hiring 2 hosts, which Jimmy Kimmel told him hire 2 of the Kardashian's, and we all can sit back, an watch a train wreck happen.I think Jimmy is right about that. I do like Khloe the best of the sisters, but I think we see, and hear enough of them on TV each day. As I said before Simon is a genius, and knows the business well and how to make it work, so  sit back each week and watch Mr. Nice Guy each week, as his TV show sky rockets & his bank bundle gets even larger . I know one thing, and that is "I Love Simon Cowell" and can't get enough of him. What are your thoughts on the show?  fell in love with the Bieber look alike last night I think his name was Reed Deming, and he is only 13 years old. With the right vocal coach he will go far for sure. Just wait and see. Thanks for stopping by!



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