Friday, October 21, 2011

My Take On Dancing With The Stars Week 5

Can you believe that we are just about at the half way mark on DWTS? I remember sitting here patiently waiting all summer long, and being depressed due to having withdrawals from not seeing DWTS. That is how I get when  don't see that show. Even though it seems like it's boring and just blah this season with the contestants, it is still my favorite show by far, and J.R. & Karina are still the couple to win this competition!! They have not disappointed at all this season. That Latin boy can sure shake what his momma gave him!

As much as I loved seeing Carson & Anna dance each week, it was his time to go. We had already lost two great dancers in the competition, so his time was up. He surely brought fun to the cast and seasoned things up a bit. The outfits that he came out with each week were sometimes hard to look at, and flamboyant if I may say, but Carson always gave it his all. He gave us 5 weeks what no one else on the show could have. He had so much fun dancing each week too. he knew that he belonged there dancing. I bet having him as a partner was pure joy for Anna. I don't think he argued with her much at all either. Thanks for 5 fun weeks Anna &  Carson. See you at the finale!!

Now who doesn't like the adorable Max? I know that I love his style of dancing. He sure can shake that booty too. he has so much potential with his partner Hope, being that she is an athlete, but their partner relationship seems a bit testy at times. That girl has so much potential. She just needs to listen to the pro and loosen up and have fun. I don't know if she will make it to the finale or not, but I now she has what it takes. I think with Hope that she can't always handle what the judges have to say, and of course that throws her off dancing.

Now Rob & Cheryl are the couple to watch out for this season. Rob started this competition with Cheryl with no dance experience what so ever, and he was kind of the shy guy next door. DWTS has made Rob open up, and he has become a great dancer too! People compare Rob to his sisters all the time, and he hates that. He is his own person, and I think Cheryl has done an awesome job working with him. Let me tell you that Rob sure brought his sexy this past week, and for once he took control of the dance, and his scores showed that in the end. I think that he is realizing finally that he is a contender for the Mirror Ball, and the only way to get there is by stepping up his game which he did. Cheryl was pleased with his performance. I can't wait to see them dance the quick step or the jive??  I hope his performance even gets better as each week passes. I see Rob & Cheryl being in the finale for sure. What do you think about this? I'm so proud of how far her has come. The Kardashian Clan are there each week to support him too. As long as Khloe don't scream gestures across the dance floor, Rob will be in good shape!

As much as I love Chaz & Lacey each week, and I really give him credit for being brave through this all, and determined to win. I do think that too much attention is focused on Chaz & Cher though. It's a dance competition and I could care less about who is in the audience, or how they got there. I care about who is a great dancer, and who I want to see win this competition. I don't think that Chaz & Lacey will win this, but maybe stick around another week or two, like the Palin gal did. That wasn't dancing, it was pure misery for me!! The media, all the attention that was given to that family was outraging to many!! I have also enjoyed Nancy & Tristan each week this season. While Nancy has really opened up and let her guard down, she has had some fun too. This is not the Nancy that we see on TV. I only wish that she just gave it her all. She dances at times like she is frightened, and it shows. I still love watching them each week!

Who do you think will win this dancing competition? It is a dance competition and not a popularity competition right? I'm trying to be funny a bit. Who would you like to see be in the final 3?? I really want to see JR & Karina, Rob & Cheryl and Hope and Max, but we will see sooner than later. That would be an awesome finale if I say so. I hear the support coming from JR Martinez fans, and they are just as pumped as I am for him to win! That man can shake his booty, and he is an AWESOME dancer if I say so!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my take on DWTS. Each week after elimination I will pop in to tell you what I think about the competition. Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it is just me giving my opinion!! I love DWTS.. Can you tell? Catch ya next week with my update!!



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