Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween My Friends !!!

Just wanted to wish all my fellow blogger buds and their families a Happy Halloween. Can you believe that Halloween is here already? I can't!! I actually thought it was tomorrow until I heard it on T.V. Where ever you are be safe and have fun Trick or Treating!! For any of you on the East Coast like me, we had a nice snow and ice storm on Saturday, and many of people still don't have any power(that stinks), so for those with no power, that indeed means no street lights, which makes for a very dangerous night to Trick or Treat. If you do go out, bring flash lights, wear colors that will reflect, and for the people that will be out driving, remember what night it is, and that there will be children out walking from house to house with their parents, so "SLOW DOWN" and drive responsible!! This is a night for kids to have fun and be safe, so remember not to go out alone without an adult, do not enter any ones house that you don't know, and let your parents or guardians check your candy before you eat it! Bundle up , and make sure you are warm while your out having a blast! Trick or Treat my little goblins!!! Have fun!!!



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