Friday, October 7, 2011

DWTS Week # 3 .. Mark Ballas & Kristin Cavaleri Go Home

Week 3 has come and gone, and so has excitement,triumph,sadness and one of the shows best dancers left the show. I couldn't take my eyes off the T.V on Monday night. Some of the stories from the celebrities were just amazing!! But as we know on Tuesday night each week there is a contestant to exit the show. I'm on pins and needles that night hoping and praying that it's not my favorite celebrity!

This week Mark & Kristin were the couple sent home. I couldn't believe it when Mark & Kristin and Max & Hope were in the bottom three along with Lacey & Chaz. I had a funny gut feeling that it wouldn't end up good. I had that feeling that Lacy & Chaz would be safe, as Cher stated if Chaz would be safe this week, that Cher would show up next week. Common.. We all know that DWTS loves to have drama on the show. Look at the Palin and the Gosselin families. When they were on the show, all we got to see was the whole darn family. I'll tell you that Mark & Kristin were one of the best top three couples to dance. They absolutely should have not been sent home. This was a huge shock to even the judges,including Len, who voiced his opinion at the end! I think that Lacy & Chaz or Nancy & Tristan should have gone if the show is all about becoming a great dancer, but if it's a popularity contest, which we know happens, then the out come will be different.

This couple was AWESOME !! I was in tears when JR talked about his deployment in Iraq, and how the vehicle he was in went over a land mine, and he was burned terribly all over his body. They performed a poignant Rumba, and dedicated it to those who has lost their life during military service. That was by far their best dance ever, and it was touching as well. The crowd were on their feet applauding for quite some time when their dance was finished.
JR & Karina are one of my favorite couples this season and I think that they will definitely be in the finale on DWTS. I have been a huge fan of JR's since I saw him on All My Children. What a brave man and how awesome of an actor he is!! He just might become the Mirror Ball Champ this season if he keeps that great dancing up. Karina has yet to win herself, so this would be an awesome season to do so. Her connection with JR is perfecto as well! Not every dancer gets the celebrity of choice, but the show did pretty darn well this season I must say.

Derek Hough is one of the best dancers on the show. He has won 3 Mirror Ball Trophies on the show, and you can tell he is definately going for number 4. I was amazed at how well Ricki Lake has done so far for it only being week number 3. She has been strong and consistent, and she has that fighter in her. She has been through alot the last few years of her life,and has bounced back. Ricki dedicated her dance story to her new boyfriend that was sitting in the audience cheering her one. The expressions on her face, the precision & extension of her moves will most likely get her in the finale as well. I would love to see Karina or Maxx win, someone who hasn't won before, but it is a competition, and the voters do have a say, so we will wait and see.

Who did you like this past week? Who did you think should have went home? Do you think that Lacy & Chaz still should be dancing? What about Nancy & Tristan? This dancing stuff is all new to Nancy, and I think she is doing pretty darn good for a beginner. She is also so proud for her accomplishments on the dance floor. She takes to Twitter & Facebook to thank her fans, and keep them aware of what is next to come. I appreciate any celebrity who has the time to do that. I guess we will wait and see as the weeks go by. No more surprises like last week! I hate to see great dancers leave the competition way before their time. That is just NOT right!! Vote Vote Vote!!! DOn't think someone will be safe for their scores. It don't work that way people! Thanks for stopping by! Check back each week for my review of DWTS!!

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