Friday, October 28, 2011

DWTS Week 6

Week 6 on DWTS has come and gone and so have some flared up tempers! I enjoy the judges critique, but I do think that Max is right! The judges do kiss some major butt each week, and then they knock down people such as Chaz Bono and Hope Solo. The judges seem to love JR & Karina , and Derek and Ricky, so I'm thinking that those two will definitely be in the finale! We will see in just a few more weeks. I can't believe that the competition is more than half way over. Ugh.. This is going to be a long winter for me! Will Celebrity Apprentice be coming back on?? I hope so, as I love that show!

Did the right couple go home this week, or should it have been Max & Hope? I definitely think Chaz should have left. I give him credit for how far he came and the obstacles he climbed, but some great dancers left before him. That's not right at all!! Max was sick and tired of the judges picking on Hope each week, and when Len said that was her worse dance, well of course Max have to mouth back. Did he forget millions of people were watching him??

I understand his point and everything, but to tell Len that maybe it was time for him to go was uncalled for. That is a no no Max!! The judges were right this time. There are alot of people like JR & Karina should have received a perfect score on that night, but nasty old Len took out his nine paddle. What the hell was he thinking? He screw people every so often like that. So, Derek & Ricky came back and took the leader board along with JR & Karina. The competition is very tight now, and Cheryl & Rob are pushing their way right up there too. David & Kym danced a Quick Step and had the croud on their feet. He has been a competitor since day 1, and he has great stage presence and ability. You can tell he is an actor!!

Chaz looks a bit irritate in this photo above don't he?? I guess Bruno likes to call him funny names. I think he ad told him this week that he looked like a penguin dancing on the dance floor. Lacey and Chaz had the best time being partners, and Chaz achieved so much on DWTS. He wanted to show people that you can do anything you put your mind to.I guess their Tango wasn't enough to keep them around!

So week seven is right around the corner , and with five couples left, this is any ones game. Who do you think will be the next to go, or do you need to watch them dance first? I hope Max will put a lid on his lips because this could affect him and Hope. As much as I like them both I do think that they will be the ones to go next. I really would leave to see Max win, as he hasn't won yet! Maybe next season will be your Max. Stay tuned as I will be back with an update after next Monday. I can't wait !! Monday nights get me so excited because of DWTS! Thanks for stopping by peeps! What do you think of the competition so far?

Until next time,


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