Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update on James Tate

Just a little update on the James Tate fiasco at Shelton High School since he was banned from his prom for taping cardboard letters to the side of is school some time during the middle of the night two Fridays ago. How many kids would have that kind of ambition, and creatability to go out and do something like this? I can't think of any teens that I know. He desperately wanted to ask his friend Sonalia to the prom, and wanted it to be special. Special it was, but funny it wasn't to the biggest douche bag High School Headmaster Dr. Beth Smith.

James was called into the office Monday morning with a few of his friends to be disciplined. They were all given an In House Suspension, and banned from their prom, since it was policy at Shelton High School for anyone attending that got in trouble after April 1st, to be banned from prom. How this all started, I have no clue, but the media got ahold of this, it went viral and the war was on. By Thursday afternoon Dr. Smith had told the media that she wouldn't change her mind, and that just made people irate. I know it did to me. I was one of thousands who wrote emails and made calls to the dumb ass Superintendent & Headmaster of Shelton High School. Of course no calls were returned, or answered. This is how cowards handle things. Way to go jerk offs!

With the "Let James Tate Go To Prom" page on FB racking up to well over 150,000 likes, and people all over the world speaking about this foolishness, including the Mayor of Shelton, local politicians, and the school board members, and the tons of reporters and TV crews that were camped out on the school campus, enough was enough and Dr. Beth Smith came out and spoke to the news crews. Did I say that I think she is the biggest douche in the world? I can't imagine being in that school, or better yet having my kid there. Had that been my kid going to that school, it would have been a war between me and her.

I'm thinking with all of the support and followers that James Tate had, and the thousands of calls from angry residents, the commotion that she started, that just was not about to stop, had to be put to rest, and James was allowed to go to his prom, and Dr. Smith had to look at her ways of disciplining students. Let the punishment fit the crime for pete sakes. All ends well for James, as he will be allowed to attend his senior prom on June 4th, 2011. I'm thinking that this story won't just quite down and go away , as June 4th is nearing. I hope to see some prom pics form James & Sonalia. I hope Dr. Smith gets fired at the end of the year from her stupid actions. I'm thinking the school board isn't going to sit pretty with all this trouble she stirred up.

I have a message for Dr. Smith if she is out there and listening, next time your thinking about opening your mouth up to discipline a student, DON'T bite off more than you can chew you idiot!! The award for idiot of the week goes to Dr. Beth Smith, Headmaster at Shelton High School. !!!!  Congratulations Dr. Smith!!  I'll keep you posted as I hear more of this story. Thanks for stopping by !!

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