Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Outraged By This Decision

Above is a picture of the Shelton High School student James Tate who was recently disciplined and had his senior prom taking away from him because he taped cardboard letters to the side of his school in the wee hours on Friday night. You read it right! He didn't bring a weapon to school or get caught with drugs, or bullying another student. He simply wanted to ask his friend Sonalia Rodrigues to the prom, so he came up with this clever idea, and posted it right over the main entrance to school. She saw the letters , and so did the administrators at Shelton High School, which landed James and a few friends into trouble. Read the whole story here.

Above is the message that James Tate had used to get his friends attention. He didn't vandalize the building, he didn't spray paint it by any means, he simply taped cardboard letters to the building in the middle of the night. This whole story has outraged myself and the whole community. This has been all over the news the past few days. It has got the attention of celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, and James Tate appeared via Skype tonight on his show. I have to hand it to Jimmy for lightening the mood up with his jokes. Way to go Jimmy Kimmel. I could tell that you got a few good laughs from James tonight. James and two of his friends were given a one day in school suspension, and had their senior proms taken from them for the actions by the douche bag principal Dr. Beth Smith. Imagine that? These kids are seniors, and should be enjoying each and every moment of their senior year, but their dreams on going to senior prom have been ripped right from them for their actions.

James pictured on the left in white shirt admits that he went about this the wrong way, but how many teens do you know that would go out of their way to take the time and effort to cut out all these letters, and to gather his friends in the night, an show up at school with a ladder ready to do what he set out to. The school claimed that he was wreckless and he could have got hurt. He came to the school with a helmet on his head, and his friend who stayed on the ground held the ladder in place. Atleast he had the brains to know enough to protect his head. What he did was completely harmless to anyone in or around the school. He definitely got Sonalia's attention, but what he won't have anymore s his chance to attend his senior prom thanks to his higher than mighty principal, Dr. Beth Smith, who has taken this from him. This is completely wrong. The punishment does not fit the crime at all. This kid had never been in trouble not one day during his years at the high school. His friends have started a FB page "Let James Tate Go To The Prom", which has well over 68,000 likes as of now.

This has gone viral and shocked thousands of people all over the word. I know that it has my hair standing up. I have aways stood strong when I believe that I wasn't being treated fairly, and I know James is being punished with over kill here, so I'm doing whatever I and many others can, to try and have this overturned. The Principal has stated that she will not overturn her decision, and the Superintendent has declined requests to speak with anyone about this. I have called and left them both messages today to have my voice heard. Who knows what will happen? All I know is that the community and people all over the world are standing behind him at this time. No kid that age should be worrying about this at such an important time in his life. You only get one senior prom, and I pray that he doesn't lose this because of some over powering bully of a Principal, who is letting her title go to her head. She is in the education field, so she should have an idea as to what this will do to this young man because of her dumb ass actions.

This has outraged many of people all over the world. James has the support from thousands of fans. That is so evident all over social media. The news had stated today that the kids at school had been warned about the use and comments on FB & Twitter, and told they would be disciplined if they were caught speaking about this matter on them. Imagine that? What happened to Freedom Of Speech?? I just don't have a clue on what this world is coming to. Are people losing their marbles or what? Common for goodness sakes,let's bury this foolishness once and for all. The ramifications from the administrators decisions will affect them in the future. I know I wouldn't want my child in a school system like that. I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. Tell me what you think about this story. Do you think the punishment fits the crime? I will keep you updated with the news of this case. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visit. I'm sure James would appreciate it also.

Until next time,



Ann said...

In 1 word: Unbelievable!!!!

Hello! said...


I am your new follower.Come by and follow me@

Have a great weekend!

BethElderton said...

I read about this last night and we are also outraged! My husband and I both joined the FB page and shared.

Falon H. said...

Good news! The school has reversed their decision and they are now allowing James to go to the prom!

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