Sunday, May 1, 2011

Please excuse my little break

For those of you who might have noticed, I have been away from my computer for awhile, as I had a very ill family member who I almost lost. After spending two weeks in the hospital from a routine operation, and every complication you could think of, I'm happy to say that things look so much better now. I apologize about the break, and not being able to blog like I used to, but my mind was not able to think clearly. I'm so happy that things are better, now I have to  get back to my blogging, and get you all some great giveaways posted. Thanks for stopping by!! My followers mean the world to me!! Keep an eye out,as I have some awesome giveaways coming soon. Thanks !!



Natalie A. said...

I'm glad that he is doing better! I hope you are doing good with everything! Have a great week!

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