Sunday, July 15, 2012

Who Will Emily Pick For Her Husband To Be ???

Emily is down to the final two on The Bachelorette. After last week with Sean going home unexpectedly, she is left with Geoff & Aerie. I was hoping that she would pick Sean as they had chemistry from the get go. The always seemed to hi it off & seemed to have chemistry which helps in a relationship, whether it be on T.V. or not.Sean seemed to take his being sent home quite hard, heck I did too. I'm hoping he returns and makes a last ditch effort to steal her heart, but I'm already hearing of him being the next Bachelor, so there goes that thought.

Emily seemed to have instant chemistry with Aerie. With him being a race car driver, well, that didn't seem to bother Emily one bit. This guy is handsome and slick from what I see, and Emily seems to have a real connection with him, and she loves to lock lips with him as she has said several times. I thought she would have sent him packing a few weeks ago when rumors were that he had dated a producer from the show. He seems to be a down to earth funny guy.

And the winner is ..... Jeff! I personally think that Jeff is the better fit for Emily now that Sean left. When Jeff came in on his skate board in back of the Limo on the first night Emily was wowed for sure. I thought it was a bit cheesy, but I'm not the Bachelorette. Jeff is nice, simply, loves the outdoors and likes adventures, which Emily has stated she likes. They seem to complete each other, they finish each others sentences, and the just complement each other well.

As of now , I don't know if Emily will pick either men. She could pull a Brad Womack and leave them both at the alter. Reality shows are all about the ratings , and it don't matter about feelings being hurt or not. I really wished that Emily & Brad could have worked it out. I really had hope for them, and Brad seemed so sincere this time around, but Emily sure hasn't been the sweet, charming little bell from North Carolina like we saw last season. This show is all about Emily and her daughter. She seems to be really picky and sometimes the way she talks seems snarky towards others. It could just be me, but she seem alot different being in the drivers seat now. Heck look at all of the publicity she is getting. Well, we will find out who she picks in two weeks. Tomorrow night is "Men Tell All", so this should be interesting to see ho Emily behaves. My guess is that she picks either Jeff or no one. What do you think??

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