Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July

Happy Independence Day to everyone today! I can't believe that we are celebrating the 4th of July again. Where does time go? Are you having a party, or did you have a get together this weekend? No matter what you do, I hope you all are being safe! DO not drink and drive . If you want to drink, then designate a driver. It's much easier to call a cab than to hire an attorney to represent you for a drunk driving case. It's the right and safe thing to do. I love my family and want them safe!  Also if your doing fireworks this weekend, then please be careful. Do no let kids light off fireworks. Let an adult do it. I was driving home last night , and I passed a house where they were celebrating and having a firework show, so I decided to stop in the road to watch for a few seconds. It was beautiful, and what I witnessed was an adult male lighting the fireworks off as plenty of kids were atleast ten feet or more back from where he lit them off, and the male who was lighting them off had a hose in his hand ready to spray in case of fire. I thought to myself how smart he was. You don't always see that. My friends son lost three of his fingers some years back from fire works. Please be safe and be extra careful if you plan on doing fireworks.Have yourself a great Independence Day !

God Bless America,


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