Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sorry I Have Been Missing In Action Lately

Just want to apologize for not posting lately. Sometimes things come up and we just can't get to the computer to check our thousands of emails, and post giveaways. I have been very sick for the past few weeks, and back and forth to doctors and hospitals. It's especially not fun to not even know what is happening to my body . All of a sudden weeks back my knees just gave out on me.The pain was flipping crazy.I had xrays of my knees and I was told they were fine, but they are no way fine to me and my body. I swear the pain I felt when I actually get up is worse than labor pains. I'm also getting worked up for Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I will see when those tests come back. I know my body and I know something is wrong. Have you ever went to your physician before because of something bothering you, and the doctor says nothing is wrong with you, and maybe you should see a psychiatrist? I know people that has happened to, and they were crazy ass angry. For now I will take it one day at a time, and if I don't get no answers,  will cry real Just joking, If you, or anyone you know has experienced this kind of pain before, could you please let me know?? I would appreciate any help out there, even from a physical therapist if one sees my post. I appreciate you stopping by, and I hopefully will be back to posting more very soon. I miss my blogger buds!!


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