Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston Laid To Rest In Newark, NJ

I'm grief stricken with pain day and night. Sometimes I have to ask my self if this is real or not, and it is. How could we loose yet another legend, a voice like no other, such a powerful performer, who was on top of the world, at such a young age?? I still think about Michael Jackson and the pain that the world went through with the loss of him, and here we are going through it all over again with Whitney.
Whitney Houston was one heck of a gorgeous lady. Not only could she sing like there was no tomorrow, she was breath taking beautiful inside and out. I'm not sure why she died, and don't know if I will ever know or understand it, all I can say is that god must have needed another angel, and this is why he called Whitney home. Her funeral service was beautiful. I don't know if anyone saw it or not, but it was on live stream, so I watched it from the computer. Hearing the eloquent speech that Kevin Costner made, hearing Alicia Keys sing her heart out, and hearing Whitney's friends eulogize her was simply touching. I  bet she was smiling down, and would have been happy this was all for her. The church was crowded, the atmosphere was so full of energy. I thought it would be alot of people crying, but it was just the opposite. They were clapping, singing, and swaying each and every one of them. It was simply amazing and I was touched!
What really has me concerned with Whitney's passing is her daughter. I have not seen her, nor did I get a glimpse of her today at the funeral. I pray to god that she is getting by and doing the best she can. I hope that with her mom's passing that this will be a learning experience in life. As I said before, I don't know how she died, but we do know that she had issues with drugs. We all know that drugs are bad, and they kill. I pray that her daughter will not have anything to do with drugs at all. She is such a beautiful gal just like her mommy. I wish I could hug Bobbi Kristina, and tell her to remember all of the good times she had with her mom. This is what will help her get by in life. I know she will have some bad days, but remember your mom is not suffering and in a much better place. You will see her again someday!

If I could use a few words to describe Whitney, they would be entertaining,amazing and most of all powerful, as this is what I thought of her when I heard her sing. I had never ever heard another soul sing like Whitney ever. There were alot of wanna bees, but only one Whitney!! You will be loved and missed so much Whitney!! You and your music will live on forever in my heart and soul. Whenever I'm having a moment, I will listen to one of your many #1 hits, and I will be smiling in no time, because this is what you and your music made me do! Love you Whitney! Now Rest In Peace !!!

Missing you,


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