Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Track Your Progress With The Zero Scale

Dieting is tough as we all know and sometimes things just don't go as well as we plan, and after a few days or a week or so your ready to throw in the towel. I have the answer to your prayers , and it's the Zero Scale. The Zero Scale from Great Valley Innovations is the newest break through that millions of Americans need. How often do you step on the scale, and not see any change in your weight This happens quite often for me, and can be very frustrating when you are working hard towards your goal of weight loss. Heck, I'd be happy losing a pound or two here and there. I don't need to see big numbers all at once. With the Zero Scale I have found the answer to my prayers.

The Zero Scale can be set to kilograms or pounds and doesn't show you your actual weight, instead it focuses on your weight loss or gain. Once the batteries are installed, you step on the scale and tap the button on the right side at the bottom of the scale to select the user. The Zero Scale can be used by four different individuals in the house, and also has a guest mode. Just tap the button until you reach your number, then it will start to calibrate, and you will see 888, then you will see a sequence of dashes - -- ---, as it finishes calibration. Once it has finished calibrating and displays 0.0,the Zero Scale is ready to calculate your weight.

  The Zero Scale will show your days, and keep track of your weight loss or gain for you. There is a reset button you will need to reset should your batteries need changing, as you will lose your stored information. Each and every time you step on this scale you will get two measurements, one being the most recent and the other from the first measurement.
After the holidays are over, I am seriously going to put the Zero Scale to test, and really try to stick to a diet, including getting exercise each day. The Zero Scale is the perfect tool for someone like myself who could use a bit of motivation losing weight, and I wouldn't be staring at the same old number waiting for it to go down. With the Zero Scale I could focus on my achievements, rather than my current weight. I have always had issues with my weight, and have never come across a scale like this until now, and I couldn't be any happier. The Zero Scale has a nice sleek design, glass top, with rubber toes underneath the scale, and has a large LCD screen . It's actually a very sharp looking scale, and would be perfect for any room in the house.
The Zero Scale can be purchased by clicking here, and is $59.99 plus shipping and handling . You can score a free pedometer and calorie counter if you purchase one now while supplies last. The calorie counter is cool to wear and keeps track of your daily steps and calories walked off. It easily clips on onto your clothing. If your looking for the perfect gift for your loved one this season, the Zero Scale would be the perfect gift. I know that I would be thrilled to receive this beauty as a gift.

I was overall very impressed with the Zero Scale. I love the idea of focusing on your weight loss,or gain, and not your actual weight, and that it stores info for up to 4 people, plus a guest. What a great tool to help with weight loss! Thanks to Zero Scale for providing me with this scale for review. I participated in this review on behalf of Family Review Network . I was not compensated monetarily for my review. I was provided the product pictured above for my honest opinion of this product.Your opinions might vary from mine. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy on the bottom right hand side of my blog. Thanks for stopping by! I will post again on my results in the upcoming New Year from my Zero Scale.

Happy Holidays,


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