Friday, December 23, 2011

Are You Ready For The Big Fat Guy To Come??

Are you all ready for the big fat guy to come? It's 1 a.m. in the morning and I'm sitting here thinking where has this year gone, and am I ready for yet another Christmas? The answer is yes! My presents are pretty much wrapped, minus one or two, but the baking needs to get done when I wake up later on today.What are your plans for Christmas Eve? Do you have family that you spend it with, do you do Christmas on the eve instead of Christmas Day?? I know some people that do it that way because of schedules.Whatever works for you is good! I hope all my followers have a blessed Christmas Day this year, and I hope you get what you wan from Santa!! I'm just asking for happiness and good health.. That's not alot to ask for right?? Enjoy your Christmas Eve & your Christmas with the family. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to say hello! What ever you do be safe.. Do  NOT drink and drive!!Drunk Driving causes accidents, takes life's, and can be very expensive should you get caught, so do the right thing and call a cab, or just walk if your close enough. I can't wait to hear from everyone and how their Christmas was!

God Bless You All & Merry Christmas,


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