Friday, December 30, 2011

Its Almost Here.. 2012

Can you believe that in two more days the year 2012 will be here? Where on earth has this year gone  ask myself? The year 2011 has been a year full of ups an downs for me with the highlight watching my son graduate from high school. Good gosh, I remember taking him for walks in the park, bringing him to see Santa, and his very first day of kindergarten when I cried for hours when he stepped on that very big yellow bus for the first time ever. I haven't a clue where on earth this year has gone?

Having back surgery and all the grueling therapy and recovery took a good part of my year from me. I had heard from many that it would be a bitch of a recovery, and that it was! I also spent this pass year watching my mom deteriorate from Alzheimer's Disease. What a terrible disease it is. All she wants to do is come to my house an listen to Kenny Rogers music, and that she does. I just took her to see him a few weeks ago. What a wonderful Christmas show he  put on.I think this was like my 20th or more times seeing him. I have enjoyed each and every time.

I have also had bit of  tough time watching my son grow,and it seems like he never wants to be around me anymore. All my friends tell me this is what happens when they get in the teen years. We have always been close, so this is  bit new for me, I'm trying to go back when I was a teen and think of what it was like for me?? All I know is that things were much different back then !! I hear that when they turn 20 or so, that hey start to appreciate you a bit more. I guess will wait and see..

What has 2011 been like for you? I hope it has been a good year for you all. With all of the tragedies in the pass year, with some just recently like the lady from Stamford CT, losing her whole family in a fire, just how could she go on? She lost her whole darn family, including 3 kids and her parents on Christmas Day. When I hear of this stuff,  just thank the good lord for letting me wake up each day, and for giving me another chance to be a mother to my son,, and a daughter to my mom, and a great friend to many..I pray for everyone going through a difficult time in their life, and I wish for a very happy, healthy and wealthy New Year!

I'm going in to 2012 with a whole different attitude! I will lose this weight that I have put on over the past few years while recovering from my surgeries! I will keep the attitude that things happen in life for a reason. I will be a good friend to all of my friends, and be there for them when needed! I will be a good mother to my son,and watch him grow into the fine young man that he is. I will cherish each and very day that god gives me with my mom & dad, and I will take care of my mom like she did for me when I was young, most of all , I will take care of myself, and treat myself like I should be, and that means not eating each time I get down in the dumps. It is very clear that is not the answer to my problems. I will try and get exercise in each day as long as my back lets me, but most of all I will continue to be the kind person that I am!! I hope you all have a great and exciting, most of all safe New Year!!



royalegacy said...

2011 was all right. Half good (work), half bad (no work). The brightest side is that my oldest daughter has gotten a teacher's certificate for high school chemistry!

Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner said...

Great post! You have given many a lot to think about in regards to the coming year and the one that has just passed.

We shall be part of the same quest this lose weight! And for me, it's also to get into shape. No excuses for me AT ALL. I hope that the rest of your recovery is a swift one.

And you're right regarding you mom. After all you parents have done for you, the best gift you can give to them is that same love back as they age.

Happy New Year!

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