Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day !!

My favorite day of the year has arrived. I have always loved April Fools Day and the chance I get to pull pranks on anyone I can. I have already pulled jokes on a few today. One of the jokes backfired on me. My brother came over to visit and about an hour after he was here, I told him that his tire was flat. He didn't jump or say a word. So a bit later I told him that a police officer was giving him a ticket and that made him jump. Of course I said "April Fools" as I laughed so hard. I asked him why he didn't jump when I told him about his tire , his reply was" My friend told me yesterday that my tire was a bit low on air, so I already knew". Anyways, I'm off to see who else I can pull a fast one over today. I hope you all enjoy your day, and see how many you can pull a fast one on yourself. I love the reactions I get. It's April 1st(spring that is), and we are expecting snow today. Ugh.. Enjoy your day all!!

I quit,




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