Monday, February 28, 2011

Start your Swagging Now

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 Are you ready to earn some cool prizes? If the answer is yes, than click on this referral link here. It's real easy to win. All you have to do is type in random words in  the search the web box. I usually try a few times in a row, and if no luck, I go back later.

The good news today is if you sign up today here, and clink on the Red Box link , you can rent three movies for $1.00 today. How neat is that? That's 3 movies for $1 buck. You will also earn 80 free swag bucks for signing up today. You will be well on your way on earning some great prizes here at Swagbucks. Today is Swagbucks 3rd birthday, and they are giving swagbucks away all day.

Also, you can click on the daily polls and earn some extra swag bucks. You can watch videos and earn free Swagbucks there too. I have heard so many people that  earn  hundreds of dollars with Swagbucks, and I, myself,  am on the same mission myself.

Have a blast!!!



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