Thursday, September 30, 2010

Soda Stream Fountain Jet Set Review

I was fortunate enough to receive this great soda machine from the great folks at Soda Stream. When this package arrived I couldn't imagine what was in this huge box, so I immediately opened it, and was very surprised at what I saw. It felt like Christmas to me. I had never seen a soda making machine before, so this was very interesting to me.

Inside the box was a Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker in black & silver, 1 -60 liter carbonator, 2 carbonating bottles, and nine different soda flavors, and a 3 pack of My Water Flavor Essence.

The set up the the Soda Stream Soda Maker was pretty simple. All you have to do is press the tilt lever button on top to remove the plastic bottle from the Soda Stream Soda Maker, press the buttons on the side to remove the back cover, remove the valve seal cap, and screw in the carbonator bottle tightly into the cylinder,close the back cover and voila, your ready to go. I use cold bottled water, so I filled the plastic bottle up that came with it to the top.

As you can see I had a great variety to choose from. My first choice was cola. I took the cold water out of the fridge, pressed the tilt lever button, and screwed in the bottle of water, then I pressed the carbonating button three times until I heard a buzz. I tend to like more fizz in my soda, so I hit the button an extra time or two. The flavor gets added after you carbonate the water. My first soda was a bit flat tasting, so the next one I made was orange mango (my favorite), and with an extra couple buzzes it tasted so much better. The root beer was another favorite of mine too. My son loved the lemonade drink and the berry water essence drink.

You can purchase the Fountain Jet Starter Kit on line along with any of the additional accessories by visiting their home page by clicking here. You can also purchase a Soda Stream Soda Maker, and refill carbonators at your local Sears. The Fountain Jet Set starts at $99.00 and up, and the carbonators start at $29.99, and the soda mixes start at $4.99 , and the My Flavor Essence flavors start at $9.99. Soda Stream has over 30 flavors of soda mix to choose from, and a variety of My Water Flavor Essence drinks to choose from.

I have enjoyed using my Soda Stream Soda Maker very much. I never knew that these existed until I saw them on a website, and I'm so glad that I found them. Thanks so much to the wonderful people over at Soda Stream for giving me the chance to review this awesome product. I have had so much fun using this great product of yours, and have told many of friends about it. It comes in handy when you want a quick drink, and all the different flavors are right their to choose from.

It's good to have an extra carbonator on hand in case you run out. You can order these online and have them shipped right to your door via UPS here. Soda Stream will send a pre-paid box, in which you will have to return your old carbonator. I haven't had to order one yet, but will be shortly as I don't want to run out.

I have received this Soda Stream Soda Maker for doing my review. These are my opinions and mine only.If you happen to be lucky enough to purchase a Soda Stream, I guarantee you will have a blast with it as I did.


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