Thursday, September 16, 2010

Computers are fun aren't they?

I have had nothing but trouble with my computer for many months now. It is very slow, I will be in the middle of writing a nice post like today, and it just disappeared. I lost it all! Ugh.. I was so furious. I think it's about time to make a visit to the dumpster with this one! I got a few good years out of it! Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be a good brand to get? I'm thinking of a laptop this time! I don't know much about buying computers. I would appreciate your help on this one because I'm stuck! You can take away my phone, you can take my T.V., but DO NOT take away my computer or else I will go nuts!! I have met so many great people because of computers and blogging, and what a great bunch of people they are!! I need to step away for a bit now, as I have been sitting here for hours trying to fix things.

Enjoy your day folks~~~



Peggy said...

The post is still there
Go to dashboard, then edit posts and it should be there . It should have saved

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