Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Son

17 years ago today I was given the best gift that any mom could ever ask for, a happy, healthy, and the cutest little baby boy ever with a head full of hair too. I don't know where the years went, or how they went by as fast as they did, but they did. Now I have a senior in high school who is driving, which is a very scary thought for me, but I taught him, so he learned from the best, and I can only hope he uses what I taught him. I took my son out for lunch today, and did a bit of shopping at the mall.

The best part of his day was as we were walking through the mall, a very nice looking young lady asked him if he ever considered modeling? His reply was NO, why do you think I should? Her answer was,"You're a very handsome guy". Well, let me tell you this has made his birthday even better. She handed him her card, and told him to look her up if he was interested. He said he would be interested. Why couldn't she have been a bit uglier? lol. Here is a picture of me and my son on prom night. I hope you enjoyed your birthday son. Your best are yet to come!! Thanks for all the laughs, tears and the many joys along the way. You have brought nothing but joy into my life! I couldn't ask for a better son. Happy Birthday and many many more!!

Love you,


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